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Effective Techniques to Learn English

As you might already know, there is no wrong or right way to learn English because we all are different and have certain triggers that help us to perceive new and unknown concepts. Therefore, people constantly seek effective techniques that help them to learn English and proceed with grammar and pronunciation tasks. Still, the learning process would be extremely challenging if one would not add innovative techniques like gamification, flashcards, talking to foreigners live, and the use of social media. Regardless of what would work for you, it is still crucial to take time and try out available methods to find the most effective solution. 

Effective Techniques to Learn English

01. Gamification 

One of the most effective techniques to learn English is to add games and fun. It helps to relax and adds an element of inspiration. If you belong to older learners, you may add something appropriate for your age and have fun with historical facts or interesting trivia based on English or US culture. If you have some ideas that you have in mind, it’s possible to approach online translation services by discussing your gamification ideas. This way, you can translate and correct specific content in English to make your learning motivational! 

02. The Use of Mindmaps

Another interesting method worth checking is the use of special outlines that will help to narrow things down and avoid confusion. The technique is used by psychologists to help eliminate mental blocks. Using mind maps, one can focus on grammar by creating a totally different environment where a learner can start from a blank page and avoid turning back to the native language. As one avoids comparing, it helps to learn just like a child. You will also avoid exhaustion as you do not have to scan through every page of the textbook. 

03. Talking to Foreigners Live

Before you claim that you cannot communicate with a native English speaker, it is necessary to think about innovative techniques to learn. The trick is to appear in a totally different space where all you can do is find solutions without vocabulary or textbooks. It might sound stressful, yet you will find yourself in a different culture that helps to make a breakthrough. Some solutions are available online if you turn to online communities like the HelloTalk app or Memrise. You will be able to find English natives who share your age and interests. It’s possible to use audio, video, or text communication methods to learn this way. As you can hear and see each other free of charge, you will receive special corrections that far not every teacher will be able to give you during the period of a lesson. Most importantly, you will make new friends! 

04. Using Your Passions

If you do not want to spend time with grammar rules and lots of various assignments, turn learning into what you would like to do. One of the best ways is to turn to movies or music in English by taking things deeper. You can learn English with movies by turning to subtitles or trying to listen to the original English version. It will help you to learn the speed of a language and correct your intonation as you see how to perceive tonal varieties of dialects and the colloquial street aspects. Since it’s something that one cannot learn with written content alone, listening and sensing on-screen emotions is essential! 

05. Socio-cultural Factors in English Learning 

As you try to learn English, do not forget about the social aspect of another culture that helps to master things differently. When you try to form a sentence in Spanish, you instantly have to use another speed of pronunciation and exclamations that will help to add accentuation. Likewise, if you are a native German speaker, you instantly think about the complex formation of words that make things easier in the long run. Just connect several words into the same word, and you get your message across! Since it is all a part of a foreign culture, learning English, one should immerse in the cultural points. Learn how to listen to people by noticing body language and the scenarios where this or that expression is used. 


Ruby Butz knows how challenging it can be to learn English as a foreigner. As a trained educator who loves to travel the world, she seeks the most efficient methods to make learning accessible. Follow Ruby to explore English learning and achieve success.

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