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New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B

New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B (units 41-80). All difficult words of each units are explained with illustrations and parts of speech to be useful for students learning the book New American Streamline Destinations Book.

New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B
New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B

New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B

New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B (units 41-43)

Unit 41 (Food for Thought)
Poison: (n) a substance that causes death or harm if we use it
The poison killed the sailor easily.
Range: (n) A variety of different things.
In the stall there was a huge range of clothes.
Nutritious: (adj.) (of food) containing many of the substances which help the body to grow
We need a nutritious food to remain healthy.
Taboo: (n) a cultural or religious custom that does not allow people to do sth,
Ham’s meat is taboo in Islam.
Eccentric: (adj.) a person with an unusual or odd personality.
The eccentric personality of Ali made me surprised.
Banquet: (n) A large impressive meal.
We had banquet at my uncle’s home.
Appetizer: (n) A small amount of food that is served before the main course of a meal
Some green olives make a simple appetizer.
Snail: (n) A small soft sea creature with a hard round shell on its back,
We would love to have snail in banquet.
Oyster: (n) a large flat shellfish. Some types of oyster can be eaten and others produce shiny white jewels called PEARLS.
Oyster is a sea creature which I saw in National Geographic channel.
Caviar: (n) (Brit. Caviare) The eggs of some types of fish.
They had caviar in their meal last night.
Tripe: (n) Cow’s stomach used as food.
We bought tripe form market for tonight.
Sea urchin: (n) A small sea animal with a round prickly shell.
Did you see the sea urchin in the shop?
Fin: (n) a thin flat part that sticks out from the body of a fish, used for swimming and keeping balance.
Fish needs fin to move faster in sea.
Seaweed: (n) Plant growing in the sea or on rocks on a shore.
Lucky had seaweed in the school party.
Octopus: (n) Tentacles(= long thin parts like arms) of octopus prepared as food.
The octopus caught the fish.
Eel: (n) Snakelike fish.
He said, “Eel testes awful.”
Stuffed: (adj.) Having eaten so much that you cannot eat anything else.
I had stuffed tomatoes in lunch today.
Grilled: (adj.) To cook food over a fire, especially outdoors
The grilled food has its own taste.
Bat: (n) an animal like a mouse with wings that flies and feeds at night.
When I entered the cave, the bats frightened me.
Stew: (n) Food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables.
Ali, whose father is a good chef, prepared good stew for us.
(Stew= (v) Cook slowly and for a long time in liquid).
Pork: (n) Flesh of a pig used as food.
I don’t like pork in all the foods.
Beef: (n) Flesh of the ox, bull or cow for eating.
We had beef roast in Star Hotel with our friends.
Lamb: (n) Flesh of young sheep as food.
The waiter preferred us having lamb than beef.
Veal: (n) Calf’s flesh as food. (Calf=young cow or bull)
We slaughtered veal when we were in Ziarat.
Dessert: (n) Any sweet food eaten at the end of a meal; fruit, nuts, etc. served at the end of a meal.
A dessert makes us sleep well if we have it.
Petal: (n) Any of the delicate coloured parts of the head of a flower.
The petal of a rosebud was looking marvelous.
Starving: (adj.) Suffering from lack of food.
The starving people of flood are given shelter by government.
(Starve= (v) Die of hunger; be hungry; go without food).
Garlic: (n) a vegetable of the onion family with a very strong taste and smell, used in cooking to give flavour to food
We need garlic to make the food tasty.
Yogurt: (n) (also yoghurt, yoghourt) Semi-solid sour food made from milk fermented by added bacteria.
Most the people prefer yogurt than spicy things.
Scarce: (adj.) Not enough; hard to find.
Details of the accident are scarce.
Plentiful: (adj.) Existing in great number or quantity.
Jobs were in those days plentiful.
Nourishing: (adj.) Keeping a person, an animal or a plant alive and healthy.
Nourishing food is very necessary for children.
Proverb: (n) a well-known phrase or sentence that gives advice or says sth that is generally true.
“Waste not, want not”, is a proverb.
(Idiom= (n) a group of words whose meaning is different from the meanings of the individual words)
An idiom gives an idiomatic/figurative meaning. New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B contains a lot of idioms.

Unit 42 (I wish…)
Chauffeur: (n) (Female= chauffeuse) Person employed to drive a car, especially for somebody rich or important.
His father is a chauffeur.
Soaked: (adj.) Thoroughly wet; drenched.
His clothes were thoroughly soaked when he came.
Feel like: (v) Have a wish or inclination for.
When I got position I was feeling like flying in colors.
Sergeant: (n) Police officer below inspector.
The sergeant shot the thief in the head.
Insurance company: (n) A company that makes contracts to provide a guarantee of compensation for loss, damage, illness, death, etc in return for regular payments.
The insurance company helped us a lot after disaster.
Suppose: (v) To think probable; expect; assume.
Getting a visa isn’t as simple as you might suppose.
Afford: (v) Have enough money, time, etc. for; be able to spare.
I can’t afford buying new clothes every weak.

Unit 43 (The happiest days of your life?)
Self-employed: (adj.) Working for yourself or one’s own business etc.
The self-employed workers had protest in front of factory.
Sophomore: (n) a student in the second year of a course of study at a college or university.
I did my sophomore in 1988.
Conjugate: (v) List the different forms of a verb.
In New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B all the verbs are conjugated.
Junk: (n) things that are considered useless or of little value.
The man looked like a junk when he was walking on the road.
Extra-curricular: (adj.) Outside the regular duties of your job, profession or academic curriculum.
She’s involved in many extra-curricular activities.
(Curriculum= (n) Subjects included in a course of study)
Regret: (v) to feel sorry about sth you have done or about sth that you have not been able to do.
If you don’t do it now, you’ll only regret.
Encourage: (v) Give courage or confidence to.
My parents have always encouraged me in my choice of career.
MBA: (n) (‘Master of Business Administration’)
He did his MBA in 1964 from Punjab University.
Bachelor’s degree: (n) An academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies.
He got his bachelor’s degree in English literature.
Along with somebody/something: (idiom) Together with; in addition to.
Stockbroker: (n) Broker; An agent in the buying and selling of stocks and bonds.
He told the story to his uncle who is a stockbroker.
Prep. School: (n) (Preparatory school) Private school preparing students primarily for high school or college.
The prep. school is a place where children get education.
Bring out: (v) Make visible.
The knowledge can bring out our hidden capabilities.
Discipline: (n) the ability to control your behaviour or the way you live, work, etc.
The discipline makes us perfect man.
Strict: (adj.) that must be obeyed exactly.
The rules of our school are very strict.
Parochial: (adj.) Of or related to a local church community.
His father is a member of the parochial church council.
Well-to-do: (adj.) Prosperous; rich; successful.
New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B is very well-to-do.
Pythagorean Theorem: (n) Theorem that the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides. (Pythagoras= name of Greek Philosopher).
A student who studies in school knows what Pythagorean Theorem is.

New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B contains more than 16000 words, for the sake of ease we have put the rest of units in PDF format. You can download the reset of New American Streamline Destinations Glossary Part B from the link below:

Contact us or Email for the remaining parts, you will receive through email.

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