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Experience Certificate Script & Sample in English

An experience certificate or work experience letter is issued by the company or institution in which you have worked for a period of time. This letter also acknowledges the skills and knowledge that you have acquired. A standard experience Certificate script & sample in English is given below.

Experience Certificate Script & Sample in English

When you work for a period of time in a company, organization or institute, you must ask for the experience letter when leaving your job. Because it certifies your role, your skills, your salary and knowledge. In addition, an experience certificate must include the following aspects of the employee:

  • Information of the job
  • Role
  • Period of work
  • salary
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Duties

Experience Certificate Sample

Name and Logo of the Company/Institution

Ref#————————— Date:——————

Address:————————- Contact #:———–

To whomsoever it may concern

It is our pleasure to write on behalf (Insert name of employee) who has worked with (Insert name of company or institution) in the capacity of (Insert responsibility of employee) for a period of (Insert time period).

during this tenure of his/her work (Name of employee) remained involved in his/her work dedicated employee. We found him/her very active in performing his/her responsibilities.

He is a very confident staff due to his/her knowledge and skills in working. He/she has the enthusiasm to take initiative and we are grateful that he/she had been helpful in the advancement of our company/institution.

His/her duties at our institution/company included:

  • Arrange, manage and correct all stuff
  • Assign and correct all works
  • Professional attitude
  • No liabilities in the company/institution

We can safely say that we were extremely satisfied with his/her working ability. As unhappy as we are with the loss of such an excellent employee in our company.

It also gives us pleasure to state that he/she will be a valuable asset to any institution/company he/she joins and wish him/her good luck in his/her future endeavors.

We will feel glad to give more informatioin.


Sign. and Name of the director

Company Name:————————-

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