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Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises With Answers

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises
Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises

Attempt the following future perfect continuous tense exercises and then compare your answers with the correct answers given below, find your mistakes and rectify them.

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Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises

Exercise 1:

Put the verbs into the correct form (future perfect progressive).
1. By the end of the week, I (work) will have been working here for four months.
2. By the end of this month, we (live)________________________________ together for six years.
3. By the end of the term, she (study)________________________________________ for nine years.
4. By midnight, we (play)________________________________ this computer game for 48 hours.
5. She (talk) _____________________________________ on the phone for the last couple of hours.
6. They (look for) __________________________________________________________ me all night long.
7. He (play)_______________________________________________________________ soccer all day long.
8. You (watch)________________________________________________________________ TV all the time.
9. He (not / sleep) ____________________________________________________________ all morning.
10. (wait / they) _______________________________________________________________ for 2 hours?

Exercise 2:

(A) Fill in the correct form of the verb.
1- The potatoes for 20 minutes now. (to cook)
2- The man here for 20 years. (to work)
3- The pupils at the bus stop since 1 pm. (to stand)
4- Ben English for years. (to learn)
5- Lucy with her friends for hours. (to chat)

(B) Write positive sentences, questions or negative sentences.
1- for – hours – will – have – been – He – resting.
2- have – calling – been – Jake – now – for – hours – two – Won´t?
3- a – long – time – sitting – have – will – been – there – Ben – for.
4- won´t – have – been – waiting – He – for – anyone.
5- there – for – 20 – minutes – The – taxi – standing – will – have – been.

Exercise 3:

Make the future perfect continuous. Choose the positive, negative or question form:
1. I _________________________ (work) all weekend, so I won’t be energetic on Sunday night.
2. How long ___________________ (you / wait) when you finally get your exam results?
3. Julie ____________________________ (not / eat) much, so we’ll need to make sure she has a good meal when she arrives.
4. How long ____________________ (she / plan) to move  her house when she finally moves?
5. ________________ (she / wait) long by the time we get there?

6. ________________ (he / play) computer games for ten hours when he finally stops?

7. They ___________________________(study) all day, so they’ll want to go out in the evening.
8. They ______________________ (not / stay) in the hotel for long when she arrives.
9. I _________________________(not / walk). When I meet you, I’ll have been cycling.
10. She __________________ (play) squash, so she won’t be dressed up.
11. We __________________________________ (look) at houses for four months next Tuesday.
12. We _________________________ (not / do) this project for long when the inspector arrives.
13. How long ______________________________ (you / work) on this project when it is finished?
14. __________________________(you / buy) clothes when I see you?
15. He __________________(not / do) much work, so he’ll be happy to start a new project.
16. How long _____________________________ (the children / sleep) in the living room when their new bedroom is ready?
17. How long _______________________ (he / train) when he enters the competition?
18. _____________________ (you / take) exams when we meet?
19. I ______________________ (answer) students’ questions all morning, so I’ll want a quiet lunch.


Exercise 1. Exercise 3. Exercise 3.
1. will have been working 1. will have been working 11. will have been looking
2. will have been living 2. have you been waiting 12. will not have been doing
3. will have been studying 3.will not have been eating 13. will have you been working
4. will have been playing 4. will she have been planning 14. Will you have been buying
5. will have been talking 5. Will she have been waiting 15. will not have been doing
6. will have been looking for 6. will she have been playing 16. will the children been sleeping
7. will have been playing 7. have been studying 17. will he been training
8. will have been watching 8. will not have been studying 18. Will you have been taking
9. will not have been sleeping 9. will not have been walking 19. will have been answering
10. Will they have been waiting 10. will have been playing

Answers to Exercise 2.


  1. The potatoes are going to have been cooking for 20 minutes now.
  2. The man is going to have been working here for 20 years.
  3. The pupils are going to have been standing here at the bus stop since 1 PM.
  4. Ben is going to have been learning English for years.
  5. Lucy is going to have been chatting with her friends for hours.


  1. He will have been resting for hours.
  2. Won’t Jake have been calling now for two hours?
  3. Ben will have been sitting there for a long time.
  4. He will not have been waiting for anyone.
  5. The taxi will have been standing there for 20 minutes.

Conversation using future perfect continuous tense.

S1: We are having a small party tonight. Are you going to join us?
S2: I would love to. What time is it gonna start?
S1: Around 07:00 pm.
S2: I`m not sure I`ll be able to get there at 07:00 pm because I`m going to have been working out in the gym for two hours by the time I leave at 06:30 pm, and then I`ll have to be walking, for I`ve sold my car.
S1: I see. So how long will you have been walking before you get to our guest house?
S2: I`ll have been walking for more than an hour by the time I get there.
S1: But you could take a taxi.
S2: You know it is hard to find a taxi after 05:00 PM in Brewery, don`t you?
S1: Yeah, you`re right. I forgot about that. Anyways, by the time you get there, we`re going to have been playing cards for over an hour.
S2: So it means you will have already eaten the kebab you wanna make for dinner then?
S1: Don`t worry, man. I`m going to keep some for you.
S2: Sounds good.

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