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WH Questions For Beginner Level Students With Exercise

WH Questions are words that include the letter ‘W’ and ‘H’, and we use them to ask certain types of questions. Learning exact usages and form of WH questions are very important for English learners because they are used in daily conversation go get information about someone or something. This article covers WH questions for beginner level students. Read the article and ask the students to attempt the exercise too.

WH Questions For Beginner Level Students

What: “What” is used to ask about thing or fact.

  • What is this?

Which: “Which” is used to ask about choice or selection?

  • Which book do you want?

When: “When” is used to ask about time.

  • When is your birthday?

Where: “Where” is used to ask about place.

  • Where were you born?

How: “How” is used to ask about condition or quality.

  • How are you feeling now?

Why: “Why” is used to ask about reason or purpose.


  • Why are you upset?
  • Because I failed the test.
  • Why is she happy today?
  • Because she passed the final test.


  • Why do you visit Learn ESL?
  • In order to learn English. / To learn English.

Who: “Who” is used to ask about subject or object.

To ask about the subject:

  • Who is walking in the street?
  • Who is drinking tea now?
  • Who goes to school every day?

To ask about the object:

  • Who is Ahmad looking at?
  • Who are you speaking with?
  • Who does he send a letter to?

Note: It is also possible to bring preposition at the beginning of a sentence and change who to (whom).

  • At whom is Ahmad looking?
  • With whom are you speaking?
  • To whom does she send a letter?

Also, read some advanced uses of WH Questions.


Use accurate words in the blanks. Pay close attention to the underlined words in answers.
1- ————— is his name?

  • His name is Jan.

2- ——————- are you from?

  • I am from Japan.

3- ——————- are you going?

  • I am going to the zoo.

4- ——————- is she doing?

  • She is reciting the Holy Quran.

5- ——————- is your beloved?

  • My beloved is my English teacher.

6- ——————- are they sad?

  • Because they are missing their families.

7- ——————- he studies hard?

  • In order to pass the test.

8- ——————- is your dad?

  • He is doing well.

9- ——————are you talking to?

  • I am talking to my friend Ali.

10- For —————– are you waiting here?

  • I am waiting for my uncle.

11- ——————- is the weather today?

  • It is too cold.

12- —————— are they listening to?

  • They are listening to their teacher.

13- ——————is Ali watching the movie with?

  • With his best friends.

14- —————– organization do you work for?

  • I work for Learn ESL.

15- To —————– is she sending a letter?

  • To her husband.


  1. What
  2. Where
  3. Where
  4. What
  5. Who
  6. Why
  7. Why
  8. How
  9. Who
  10. Whom
  11. How
  12. Who
  13. Who
  14. Which
  15. Whom

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