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What are Compound Modifiers in English

Compound modifiers are consist of two words connected by a hyphen which act together like an adjective and modify a noun.

Compound Modifiers Rule

a/an + number + hyphen + noun + noun

According to the above structure, the noun preceded by number should be used in a singular form because it functions as an adjective.

Look at the examples below.

  • We live in a three-floor building. Our building has three floors.
  • My cousin bought a five-room house. My cousin`s house has five rooms.
  • This is a four-window room. This room has four windows.

Remember: If the last noun is plural, the use of indefinite articles “a/an” is not necessary.

Look at the examples below.

  • There are many three-floor buildings in Texas.
  • Many buildings in Texas have three floors.
  • These are two-window rooms.
  • Each of these rooms has two windows.
  • Teachers usually make two-student groups in a conversation class.
  • In a conversation class, each group consists of two students.

Choose the correct option.

1- Learn ESL Academy really needs _______________________ nowadays.

  • a- a twenty-classes room building
  • b- a twenty-class rooms building
  • c- a twenty-class room building

2- If you would like to rent _________________________ in Texas, you will have to pay around US$400 per month.

  • a- A three-rooms apartment house
  • b- a-three room apartment house
  • c- a three-room apartment house

3- I bought ___________________________ yesterday.

  • a- a hundred-page book
  • b- a hundred page-book
  • c- a hundred-pages book

4- These are ____________________ in our house.

  • a- a two-window rooms
  • b- four-window rooms
  • c- three-windows rooms

5- They live in _________________________.

  • a- A five-story building
  • b- a five story building
  • c- a five-story building

6- We have ___________________ in our living room.

  • a- three-shelf locker
  • b- a three-shelf locker
  • c- a three-shelf lockers


  1. C- a twently-class room building
  2. C-a three-room apartment house
  3. A- a hundred-page book
  4. B- four-window rooms
  5. C- a finve-story building
  6. B-a three-shelf locker

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