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How People Celebrate April Fool’s Day in Various Countries

April Fools Day is a holiday celebrated all over the globe on 1st April. Even though people from different countries celebrate it differently yet on this particular day, they play clever pranks on their friends, family, and relatives. Yet speculating its origin is a hard task that historians failed to do. However, some of them believe it is a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it originates from the adoption of a new calendar. Overall, it is one of the most light-hearted days of the year and everyone loves to celebrate this day pranking their friends and family, therefore, in the article below, I am going to tell you How People Celebrate April Fool’s Day in Various Countries.

How We Celebrate April Fool's Day-2018
How We Celebrate April Fool’s Day-2018

How People Celebrate April Fool’s Day in Various Countries

1. Brazile

In Brazile, April Fool’s Day is known as o dia das mentira (the day of lies) and dia dos bobos (he day of lies). Like many other countries, here too people say white lies to prank their each other. In fact, this tradition originates back to April 1st, 1828 when a satirical publication called A Mentira wrote about the death of emperor of Brazile.

2. France

As it is said that April Fool started in France first so the French still honours this tradition. To play pranks on each other, they tape a paper on the back of the victim. Then yell out Poisson d’Avril! (means April fish!).

3. Garmany

On April Fool’s Day, they play the prank, called Aprilscherz, on each other. Also, customarily lies are told on TV, Newspaper, and radio stations, however, those lies are harmless and entirely made up. And to reveal the prank, they yell out April, April!

4. The United Kingdom

in the UK, the April Fool’s Tradition ceases at midday. People can only play pranks on each other until midday, otherwise, the prankster is considered the fool. Also, the prank is revealed by shouting ”April fool!”

5. Greece

There are various beliefs regarding April Fool’s Day such as whoever plays a prank on somebody, he will have a good year, fortunately. The victim will have a bad year, on the other hand. Also, successful tricksters will enjoy a good year of crops. As well as, the water from rainfall on April 1st has healing powers.

6. India

In India, mostly youngster play pranks on each other and enjoy the day. They play pranks such as saying any lie or making fake calls. To reveal the prank, they shout ”April Fool” to the victim.

7. Ireland

In Ireland, like the UK, people celebrate this day in several ways such as saying lies to each other or Media outlets may publish hoaxes. Alos, the pranks have to end until noon, otherwise, the prankster is considered the fool.

8. Romania

Just like other countries, here too common jokes are told or pranks are played. Then, to reveal, they shout “Păcăleală de 1 Aprilie!” (means “April 1 hoax!”).

9. Poland

On this day, in Poland, serious activities are usually avoided. On this day, many jokes are told; various hoaxes are prepared by people and media. Frequently, “Prima Aprilis, uważaj, bo się pomylisz!” ( “April Fools’ Day, be careful — you can be wrong!”) is said to make a person cautious.

10. Italy

Like France, in Italy too, they celebrate April Fools Day by sticking a paper fish to someone else’s back. However, this is now only practised by children.

11. Scotland

In Scotland, April Fool Day is known as Hunt the Gowk Day because gawk means a foolish person in Scotish. Scotish are the only people celebrating April Fool for two consequent day- April 1st and 2nd. On the first day, they crack jokes and pranks on each other while on the second day, they place tails on each other’s backs. Notably, the second day is called as Tailie Day.

12. Sweden

Like in many of the countries, here also people crack jokes and play pranks on each other. If you succeeded at playing a prank, you’d shout the phrase “April, April, din dumma sill, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill!” before running away. This means: “April, April, you stupid herring, I can trick you wherever I want!”


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