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How to Manage Your Time Effectively – 10 Best Time Management Tips

Time management is one of the important aspects and secrets of successful people. Managing your time effectively and properly not only helps you do your tasks on time but also puts you on the right path in your life. If you are lost and can’t manage and use your time properly then read the following 10 best tips on how to manage your time effectively.

Indeed, time management is the skill of setting your time to do your tasks properly and effectively on time. Moreover, time management involves planning your daily activities beforehand and take control of your time as you do those tasks and activities. Some significant factors for good time management include clear aim and target also priorities and expectations that you have to focus on during accomplishing tasks or beforehand.

Why is Time management Important?

Remember if you have good time management, you will be able to do all your tasks on time and help you be productive at work. In addition, knowing how to allocate your time will reduce your stress, depression and can help improve your mental health.

Conversely having poor time management will result in poor work quality, more stress, and pressure, and late in completing assignments. Moreover, you will be dazed and won’t have proper knowledge of what to do which will make you frustrated and pressurize you in your assignments and tasks.

By implementing useful time management skills, you can allocate your time effectively, do your tasks on time, make your boss happy at the workplace, and can help yourself proceed in achieving your aims and wishes in life. Keeping that in mind let’s dive into the 10 best time management tips.

1. Utilize 24 Hours of the Day Effectively

Some people get involved in one thing so deeply that they forget their home, wife, and kids more importantly their own health. Remember, when you are a good employee meanwhile you can be a good father and a good husband too if you know how to utilize 24 hours a day right and properly. Indeed every successful man has also 24 hours and they don’t say we don’t have enough time.

For instance below is an example of “Steve Coe” how he utilizes 24 hours a day and finds time to do things that he needs to do:

He wrote down the things he needed to do every day, for his kids, his wife, his work, and for himself. Here is how his day looks like:

0400hrs – Wake up, get up, have a hot fresh coffee and write write daily journal

0430hrs – Out for a run

0500hrs – Back from run, shower and dress

0530hrs – Make all of the families lunches for the day, fresh and healthy and cheap

0600hrs – Wake up kids, sit together and eat our breakfast, have a chat

0630hrs – Leave for work, wife finishes getting the kids ready for school

0715hrs – arrive at work, do work stuff

1200hrs – lunch!

1230hrs – Nap!

1300hrs – Work stuff

1530hrs – Start to transition from work to home; write down 3 achievements of the day, check his calendar for the next day, log out of his laptop, and clean his desk.

1600hrs – Leave work, wish everybody a good evening (he doesn’t sneak out). In the car, he completes his work to home transition, thinks about how he will greet his children when he gets home, how will he greet his wife, what will he play with his kids when he gets home.

1645hrs – Home and greet the family! Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The best feeling!

1700hrs – Dinner as a family, they talk about their day, what they did

1730hrs – Tidy up dinner things and play with kids/sit with the wife to share their day

1900hrs – Kids to bed

1930hrs – Complete his daily journal, prepare his exercise and work clothes for tomorrow, floss teeth

2000hrs – In bed, read a favorite book for a few minutes until his eyes start drooping, and then turn out the lights and sleep.

2. Create a Daily Task list/Journal

When you get up early every day, create a to-do list of the day you are going to accomplish. Creating this list will help you know about the activities and setting a target to accomplish them on time. Meanwhile, you can also prioritize the most important tasks to do at the beginning of the day as you are full of energy and interest.

3. Fix a Time Limit to Each Work

Setting a time limit to each task prevents you from postponing your task and getting distracted. For instance, when I want to write an article, I set a time limit for myself, then I try to get it written by the fixed time. If I don’t accomplish that task on time, I will try to give some more time until I complete it, but keeping in mind not to ruin my time management.

4. Use Time Management Software

We can not dispute the benefits of technology that has brought us in this era. If you are constantly juggling deadlines and resources, then the best option for you is to use time management software. If you are missing any track then good time management software will always remind you of the tasks which need to be completed. There are a lot of time management apps, but it depends on your needs which one suits you. Some of them are as follow:

5. Focus and Concentrate on One Task at a Time

When you plan ahead to complete a task, see it through to the end. Always avoid doing half work. For instance, whenever I am writing an article meanwhile I receive an important email too. If I leave completing my article and respond to the email this will result in distraction and I will lose my concentration too. In addition, in every aspect of life try to focus on a single task go for it through to the end get a result. This way you won’t lose your momentum. However, If accomplishing takes much time like days for months, you can have alternative options whenever you feel bored you can go for alternative tasks, but give your first priority to accomplish the first task.

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6. Make a Schedule For Having Breaks

When you work continuously you will feel tired mentally and physically and won’t perform well on completing your tasks. The best option is to have a break when you feel exhausted. Studies have found that taking breaks can reduce and prevent the stress of work, and have a positive relationship with wellbeing and productivity. Moreover, by taking breaks you can boost your performance.

7. Put Alternative Tasks Options For Yourself

Sometimes you are not in a mood of doing a particular task or you are stuck somewhere. That time the better option is to skip ahead to an easier task if you can. Getting stuck in somewhere can only slow you down. Put an alternative option, go for doing that task, when you are relaxed and can go for the first job, proceed for that task. Doing so will not only refresh your mind but also save your time from wasting.

8. Use Your Time Wisely

Being all day busy doesn’t mean you are using your time effectively and wisely. Set a time limit for achieving your goal. By spending time on a specific task you must think of boosting your level too. In addition, sometimes you face a situation where you have to go for multitasking. In this situation give priority to your important task yourself and for other tasks or projects if you can hire a freelance online, don’t hesitate to go online and hire a freelancer, this way both tasks won’t run away from you.

9. Manage Distraction

Whatever kind of task you doing, you probably have some kind of distraction. The distraction can be external or internal. Staying focused is an important factor in your success or failure, hence you must stay focused by managing distractions and eliminating chances for procrastination. Most of the time the biggest source of distraction comes from cell phones. If You want real focus, take yourself offline until you’ve completed what you needed to do.

10. Manage Time for Outing

Make time for having a fun, gathering, and relaxation to keep yourself happy and motivated throughout your life. It’s important to keep in touch with your family, friends, and hang out as often as possible. Making time for relaxation and fun will boost your happiness and reduce your stress.

What tips and tricks do you use to manage your time effectively and use from you time wisely. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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