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How To Revive Audience For Your Travel Business After Pandemic

The travel industry has suffered a considerable blow at the time of COVID-19. Though many organizations have tried to offer several offers and deals to attract customers, the recent market shows the graph to be moving downwards with every passing day. To develop your business and make a profit post-pandemic, you need to take a step towards social networking. 

Most companies show a lack of interest in online promotion and marketing. However, with the current scenario, the only way to step up your game is with the help of various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and similar others. 

Moreover, it would be best to have an accurate strategy on how to reach out to more audiences and gain back your old clients after the pandemic. 

Now, you need to focus on the steady Instagram growth of your business page and work towards gaining more organic followers and engagement on your posts. This article focuses on some practical ways to revive your audience and make your travel business steady. Let’s find out how!

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Top 4 Ways to Revive Audience Post-Pandemic 

1. Plan a Strategy 

Firstly, you need to build a strategy with thorough market research and gaining insight into recent trends related to the travel industry. The best way to gain more audience for your business is by promoting your services online. Here are the steps to keep in mind while planning a strategy to attract more clients: 

  • Make a business profile on Instagram and let your old clients know about your social media presence. This would help them to know about any special deals or about the services you are planning to offer post-pandemic.
  • Add your official Website link to the bio of the Instagram page. This would help your followers to reach your official site with minimal hassle directly.
  • Make sure to post fun Instagram stories and create regular content to attract more viewers. Moreover, you can also share any updated information regarding your services through Instagram stories.
  • Have an option for subscribing to the newsletters on your website. This would help your followers to receive email notifications on every new update and special deals.
  • Post-pandemic, if you choose to shift your work timing or make a new schedule, keep the audience posted about the same.

2. Interact with your Audience 

The best way to revive your audience post-pandemic is through continuous communication with each one of them. Now, it becomes a problem for many to interact with every client regularly. Hence, here are some steps for you to follow, which makes the interaction simple, time-saving, and easy: 

  • Instagram has several features that one can access to know about the likes and dislikes of their audience. Multiple things would change post-pandemic, and to understand the needs of your target audience, you would have to take advantage of those features.
  • You can create polls on stories and directly ask your audience to know which places they like the most and make the next travel destination accordingly. In this way, you would know about your audience without dropping messages to their inboxes.
  • Moreover, engage with them through the comment section and notice through the insights tab if your posts reach more Instagram users.
  • Always be available for your audience and make sure to reply to their queries and clear out their doubts when required.
  • The only way to gain more business after the pandemic is through the bonds you make with your audience.
  • Creating good content is the first step toward reviving the audience and attracting more people online. Hence, it would be best to use fun and entertaining ways to deliver the content with proper caption and images.

3. Be Transparent, Keep Updated 

You would have to be pretty transparent about your services and keep your social media accounts updated with the present details. The information has to be exact, and it’s your responsibility to let the audience know what’s on your mind and how you are planning to modify your business. 

Furthermore, you would also need to spread about your services through Travel sites. 

Follow these simple steps to be in tune with your followers easily: 

  • Create a profile on Google My Business. With this free Google tool, you can stay connected with your clients. Here, the audience would be able to reach your location through Maps and also know if your services are open on that particular day.
  • You would need to interact with some popular travel review websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Yelp, Hotels.com, Expedia, and others. Make sure the information provided on their websites regarding your services is accurate and make sure to update them if not.
  • To promote your business more, you can also opt for the paid advertisements on Google and catch the attention of the audience.
  • Make sure to add about any discount prices or future offers you are planning to execute through online advertisements and keep them real to maintain the credibility of your organization.
  • Make use of free Google tools if you wish to spend less. Multiple business tools would help you in the process, such as Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Insights, Google Trends, and others.

4. Offer Special Discounts or Coupon Codes 

Though the business has been going a little downhill, the best way to revive the audience is through some special offers or coupons. Even if it is not too much, you can offer a little discount on your services to make your followers interested. Let’s see how you can make the offers exciting for your clients as well as profitable for you: 

  • Post real content on your social media pages and let your audience know about the services you provide. Now, engage with them and understand what kind of discounts they prefer.
  • The best way to promote your services online is by asking your audience to spread the word and mention their friends on the comment section of your post, which brings more viewers to your Instagram account. Hence, more people get interested in special deals, and the chain continues.
  • Make sure to be regular with the content you are posting. Spread positivity throughout and collaborate with some influencers to gain more audience.
  • Post some giveaways! Yes, you read it right. Giveaways and surprise boxes are the latest online trends. Announce a particular follower every month and send a special box to them.
  • Think about different ways you and your audience can support one another and create a robust online community.
  • Another way to promote your services is by offering bonus codes, which would let your clients gain back a little amount after purchasing from you. For example, let’s say one of your services costs around $60; keep a bonus coupon, once applied, would give them a discount of $10.


To conclude, the travel and tourism industry is going through a rough patch at the moment. However, your clients would love to take a trip as soon as the pandemic is over. 

Hence, stay prepared for more business and keep on promoting your services online to gain more sales. You can contact an influencer marketing agency to know about how to collaborate with social media influencers and promote your Instagram page throughout the globe.

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