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10 Best Activities For College Students

Indeed, the college has got another sort of hype. It is so much more than studying for a higher degree. In college, you get to meet new people, make new friends, make new experiences and everlasting memories, try out new things (practical stuff of course), study, and study a lot. Thus, in order to have a successful college life including studying and personal life, here are our 10 best activities for college students to do in the first year of college.

10 Best Activities For College Students

Of course, you have four years to do it all, but doing these as a freshman will undoubtedly help you seek other great opportunities in the remaining three years. So, let us dive into the 10 best activities students must do in the first year of college.

1. Say “YES” to Anything That’s Not YOU

Since college is all about trying out new things and excelling in others besides studying, you should definitely say yes to anything that you have never tried yet. And this also includes saying yes to things that you plan to never try.

Because you can learn a ton from trying new stuff and you may also discover something that you enjoy. So, whether it is playing a role in a play, learning a new language, playing a new sport or game, or a different major, say YES.

2. Join Any Campus Organization

Once you are in college, you should at least join one on-campus organization. It can be very beneficial for you and your life ahead. It can help you make new connections, try out practical work, develop communication skills, prepare you for life ahead, and much more. In addition to these, it will also look good on your resume.

3. Make New Connections

This one is especially for those who find it hard to make new friends. The time you spend in college can be stressing and friends can not only help you overcome it but also enjoy the stress. Besides, during college, you can also develop connections that can last a lifetime.

4. Learn How to Manage Your Money

There is no doubt that college is expensive. Most of your money goes into tuition fees, followed by textbooks, stationery, bills, rent, and much much more. That is why, at the end of every month, students beat their heads against the wall to figure out where did their money go.

To overcome this problem, you need to learn how to manage your money. You can meet all your expenses without getting any loans if you learn to spend your own money wisely. Thus, you can do a few things to manage your money the right way.

  1. Create a budget and try hard to stick to it too.
  2. Analyze where you spend most of your money and from where do you get that money.
  3. Remove unnecessary expenses.
  4. Develop the habit of making an emergency fund.
  5. Lastly, use a tool or any personal finance app such as MoneyStrands to keep track of your money.

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5. “Sleep, Study, Party. Pick Two.”

Your college life is going to be very hectic, there is no doubt about that. Unlike in Finland, students all over the world are always in dilemma about whether to go to a party on a Sunday night or stay home and study. That is why students struggle to maintain a proper study and social life.

Therefore, if you are planning to study, sleep and party this weekend, you will miss out on all of them. Thus, pick two: either study and sleep, party and sleep or study and party.

6. Explore Your Campus on Your First Days

It is suggested by most of the graduates that as a freshman, one should explore the campus on their first days at college. This will help them a lot in the future. Because then you know where you can find a professor’s office, a specific lecture room, financial aid office, and more without getting puzzled.

7. Take Advantage of Free Stuff

Once in a while, one should always say yes to party and entertainment no matter how busy your life becomes. For college students, one of the most horrible questions is how to manage your money besides keeping their grades up.

Fortunately, there are a number of off and on-campus events such as sports games, concerts, and theater productions where it is either free for students or there a big discount for them. So, when you are in college, try to take full advantage of the stuff out there.

8. Try a New Hobby

In college, you do not try only academic-related stuff, you can also pick a hobby such as gardening to give yourself some time. Or you can also start reading more books which will undoubtedly help you anywhere and anytime. So, pick a new hobby to improve your creativity, grow spiritually, improve your mental health, reduce stress, strengthen your relationships and improve your career.

9. Learn to Self-learn Anything, Anytime

During college, you may get very little time to sit and study properly. Because you will always be on the run. It is either your class you are late for, an assignment that you have to submit, a professor you have to meet, or a bill that you need to pay. Therefore, learning how to manage your time wisely in your freshman year is very crucial.

Besides, your professor may not teach you like your school teacher. Therefore, it is important to practice self-learning in your freshman year.

10. Learn to Reach Out for Help

College can be stressful and hard to manage. Sometimes you may have no clue about how and what you should do. Then, it is better to ask someone for help than sit there doing nothing. Thus, practice asking for help from friends, family, faculty, and people around you. This will help you in the future too.

So, that is it for the 10 Best Things You Must Do in the first year of your college. If there is something else you suggest a college friend should do, let us know down below.

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