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How to Write a Case Study Report

A case study is one of the most important academic papers to help you demonstrate what you have learned in the class or the lecture. So, students mostly get case study assignments to illustrate their understanding of a particular topic, lecture, or object. They also get assigned to write a case study report. So, they have to thoroughly study any case study, analyze a problem, and write about what they have learned from that. With that being said, if you are asked to write a case study report and you do not know how to write one, you do not need to worry. We have dug deep to help you learn how to write a case study report in English.

How to Write a Case Study – The Best Step by Step Guide

What is a Case Study?

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a problem that you should analyze thoroughly to find the best solution. A case study is very related to a short story. It includes the main character, the problem that he faces, and how he figures out to solve the problem. But case studies are not advertisements. Neither it is about the new product coming out.

Case studies are mainly focused on the customers and their experience with the product. So, it should be an in-depth analysis of the customer’s real-life issue and how it was solved using a particular problem.

Or a case study is a form of academic writing that is used to analyze real-life situations, apply the theoretical knowledge that you gained through academic research, and draw a conclusion based on it illustrating how to respond to that situation. Moreover, you can write a case study report about a person, event, object, or place. And it is a phenomenon that you can not study only in the labs.

For instance, you will write a case study report if you are in the field of medicine, business, and social sciences.

How to Write a Case Study Report?

writing any academic paper including a case study can be very easy and time-saving if you follow a defined structure. Most importantly, the aim is not only to write a case study but to craft a case study that your reader will read. So, the following are some steps that you should follow to write a case study.

  1. Identify your audience: The first thing you need to do is figure out who is going to read your paper. Then, find out what they might be interested in. So that, you can make sure that your reader will read your case study and get whatever they need from it.
  2. Figure out the goal of your case study: Now that you know who are going to read your case study, figure out what is the purppose of writing your case study. Besides, try to set realistic goals.
  3. Identify the Problem: Next, you should figure out what is the problem tha you need to solve and what can be potential solutions or ways to solve the target problem.
  4. Use data and statistic: One of the best ways to support you argument is to back it up with real data and statistic. So, do some research and collect data illustrate your case study key points.
  5. Make it relatable: No one will be ready to go through your case study if it is not relatable to them. So, you should figure out ways that can help your target audience relate to the problem that you have studied and the solution that you have come up wih.
  6. Lastly, write your case study: The final step is to start writing yoru case study based on the research that you have done and data that you have collected.

Structure of the Case Study Report

So, now that you have learned what you need to do before actually writing your case study report, you are good to start writing your case study report. To write a case study report that your target audience is going to read, we recommend you follow a fine structure.


In the first part of your case study report, you should introduce the purpose of your case study report and what problem is your case study report addressing. It should be brief but descriptive enough to help your reader understand what you should expect from your paper beforehand.

The Body

The main body of your case study report has two main parts: the description and the discussion.


In this part, provide a description of the problem that you are trying to get a solution for. Besides, while writing this part, we recommend you assume that your reader has no knowledge about the problem. So, thoroughly describe what it is, how it is affecting the masses, and more.


In the above part, you give a description of the problem while in the discussion part, you have to discuss the issues based on your research and the data that you have collected so far. So, you may have to:

  • draw an outline of the main problem
  • how the problem can be further described through academic literature
  • suggest ways to solve the problem
  • lastly, evaluate the suggested solutions for that particular problem.


In the last section, paraphrase your thesis and summarize your case study report. And conclude your study by giving suggestions on how to solve the problem. Also, provide strong reasons why the solutions that you are recommending are worth the try.

Lastly, go through your case study report and look for areas that you need to fill. Besides, you should also check whether the facts and the figures are accurate. Then, take your time and double-check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

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