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How to Write a Job Application Letter in English With Example

How to Write a Job Application Letter
How to Write a Job Application Letter

Have you ever decided to apply for a job? If you have, then you probably had to write a perfect job application for yourself. Isn’t it? Most employers prefer to write a good application in order to get a better job. If you have never written any job application or it seems difficult for you to write then no worries because I have brought step by step guide for writing the best job application ever.

Do you know what is the main purpose of writing an application? Actually, the job application you submit to the company really describes your personality to the manager of the company. So, therefore, we have to be so careful while writing a job application. Firstly, we should observe whether the job is suitable for us or not then we can play our role in getting it better.

In the application or resume, we actually write about our skills and details that at the end reflect our job. The job application should be written in a way that it should prove to the hiring manager that you are able for that job or position. It should be written in a way that should make the manager impressed and make him call you for the interview. It should be written in a way that should highlight your skills that are suitable for the job.

For making these all feasible, I have brought you some great tips on how to write a job application and be hired by the manager of the company you want to work. Let’s have a quick glance at them step by step as follow:

How to Write a Job Application Letter 

When writing an application letter for a job, follow these steps to make sure you include information about yourself and your professional life that will appeal to a hiring manager.

1. Get information about the company and the position

Firstly look after the information about the company which you can find on the website. Like how is it? How is the manager? What questions do they mostly ask? What kind of employee do they hire? And all information should be collected by you then you can move ahead. Then you should compare your qualifications and skills with them. If you have already information about the company and the position, then you can write down your application easily according to their requirements.

2. Stay concise

You need to include all the information that is needed or is necessary. Like your skills, qualifications, and experience but don’t write more. Don’t go in detail. Be simple and concise. If your letter is of multiple pages, then no manager would like to waste their time reading all of them. Therefore, try to include everything but be concise and relevant. As well as, some of the employees write a lengthy description about themselves and don’t get to the point therefore, the manager obviously gets confused. And don’t hire that sort of employee at all.

3. Use a professional format

The job application should be more professional than the thank you card or letter for friends. The alignment of the document should include a single spacing, one-inch margins, and left alignment. It is better to use a professional and different font, like Time New Roman, with a size of 10 to 12 points. Try to write your application professionally. And your starting should be good because the starting point is the first impression of the hiring manager.  Edit your application carefully and don’t miss anything that will help you get the job.

4. Create a heading

Write your application in a formal way. Use a formal business heading for your job application.The heading should include your name and contact number, the date, and the company name and your address. And if you want to send it through your email, then you can remove your name and contact information from the heading. And can put it at the bottom of the letter.

Contact number
Email address
Name of the hiring manager
Company name
Address of the company

By including all the important information in the heading, you can make the manager get to the point and hire you for the job.

5. Start with mentioning the manager respectfully

Research the name of the hiring manager who interviews the employees, then start your letter by addressing the manager respectfully. Address them in a formal way like, “Dear Mr/Ms.” with their last names. If you have no idea whether the manager is a male or a female, then you can simply say this, “Dear hiring manager” instead of using( Mr/Ms).

6. Describe your interests

In the first paragraph of the letter, mention the website that you have applied from. Then include your interest in the letter. Show your interest in the job you have applied for in order to get the job successfully. And make the hiring manager accept you as their employee with the help of your interests.
Suppose you can write like this:

“I saw the posting on Google. From that day up till now, I am trying to improve in order to be apart of your company and with the help of my skills, I should fasten the development. ” I feel as if my educational experience has prepared me for doing this job perfectly.

7. Experience and qualifications

The next paragraph should highlight your skills and experience. You should describe your skills in a way that should be suitable for the company’s goals. Try to mention experiences that should be relatable with the position or job. Because without any experience, you can not find a good job for yourself. You should talk about your qualifications so that they should put you in a position where it is suitable for you according to your qualifications.

8. Describe your personality

When you are writing a job application, then you must introduce yourself to the reader completely. Like they must get to know about your life and what kind of person you are. Suppose you can write this in your letter:

I am very good at communicating with the people, I am good at addressing people and I am always fresh, friendly and never get furious.

Like this, you can gain the attention of the hiring manager towards yourself quickly.

9. Express your appreciation

Before you conclude the letter, you should thank the hiring manager for taking the time for reading your letter so that the manager should get impressed. You can appreciate the manager for reviewing your letter and hiring you. So expressing gratitude for the manager for reviewing your letter is a formal and polite way which can lead to hiring you for the job.

” I am very grateful for the time you have spent reading my letter and considering me as an able person. I will be very glad to hear from you the good news soon.”

This is the way you can show gratitude for the manager.

10. Close the letter

You can use any formal word for closing your letter like,” sincerely, yours truly or best.” All of them are fine and formal words for closing the letter. You can write down your full name in the final line. But if you want to add your signature then you can write it above your typed name.

Job Application Letter Sample

As we all know that a professional letter can help you get the job you want. But it depends on how you write it. Mostly, employees write their letters in the way I just mentioned step by step in the article. If you want to be hired for a job, then follow what I have recommended to you. What do you think about it? How can you write a good and effective job application? What else have I missed to mention in the article? Do you have any suggestions? If yes, then please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and let us know about it. 

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