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Kinds of Prepositions

There are hundreds of prepositions. In this article kinds of prepositions are discussed according to the word(s) the preposition contains.

Kinds of Prepositions
Kinds of Prepositions

Kinds of Prepositions

1. Simple Preposition
The simple prepositions are short words which are used in simple sentences.
Common Simple Prepositions: (At, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, out, over, till, to, up, upon, with, under, down, etc.)

• I am not coming with you.
• She is in the park.
• We are going to the market
• She dived into the water.
• The Pakistani players were genius from the beginning of the tournament.

2. Compound Preposition
Compound prepositions are formed by adding the preposition to front of a noun, an adjective or an adverb. When we join nouns, pronouns and phrases then we use compound prepositions.
Common Compound Prepositions: (About, across, among, beside, before, without, inside, outside, etc.)

• Ali is sitting beside Zahra and Ahmed.
• I will reach there before she leaves.
• There is something strange about him.
• There’s a bank right across the street.
• This attitude is common among the under -25s.

3. Double Preposition
Double prepositions are two (prepositional) words which are joined together to connect nouns, pronouns, and phases with other words in sentence.
Common Double Prepositions: (Outside of, out of, from behind, up to, next to, because of, according to, etc.)

• Suddenly he emerged from behind the curtain.
• The match between Pakistan and India was delayed due to rain.
• Nobody outside of this class should know about the plan.
According to the news reporter, the weather will be cloudy today.
Next to skiing my favorite sport is skating.

4. Participle Preposition
Participle preposition are verbs + ing that function as a preposition in a sentence is called participle preposition. 
Common Participle Preposition: (Barring, considering, during, following, including, etc.)

Barring accidents, we should arrive on time.
• He took charge of the family business following his father’s death.
• No one should talk during the class.

5. Phrase Prepositions (Prepositional Phrase)
Phrase preposition is a phrase containing a preposition and functions as a preposition in a sentence and connects nouns, pronouns, or other phrase toother words in a sentence.
Common Phrase Prepositions: (On behalf of, on account of, with regard to, in spite of, to the fact that etc.)

• I am playing in the team on behalf of captain today.
• He succeeded by means of perseverance.
• We could not win the match in spite of playing good.
• Natural honey has been used for centuries on account of their healing properties.

Important: We just talked about kinds of prepositions according to the word(s) that the preposition contains, but remember according to the function prepositions are sub divided into the following types:

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