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Simple Past Tense Exercises With Answers For ESL Students

Simple Past Tense Exercises With Answers For ESL Students
Simple Past Tense Exercises With Answers For ESL Students

We have already talked about simple past tense definition, structures and sentences. In the article below you will find

Simple Past Tense Exercises With Answers

Exercise1: Use the correct forms of the given verbs in the blanks.       

1)       He_____________________________ (knock) at the door.

2)      Tom____________________________ (lie) to his mum.

3)      Mum_____________________________ (lift) her bags.

4)      They_____________________________ (like) this plan.

5)      You ______________________________ (listen) to the radio in June.

6)      We_______________________________ (live) in Cambridge.

7)      He________________________________ (lock) the gate.

8)      I___________________________________ (look) at the photos.

9)      Mike______________________________ (love) dancing.

10)    I__________________________________ (believe) her.

11)    She_______________________________ (visit) her parents in London.

12)    They _____________________________(paint) a beautiful picture.

13)    My mum___________________________ (ask) me.

14)    Dogs________________________________ (hate) cats.

15)      John________________________________ (marry) Susan.

16)     The cars____________________________ (move) in the street.

17)     You__________________________________(open) the gate.

18)     Dad__________________________________(pack) the dresses into the cupboard.

19)      I______________________________________(pass) by the window.

20)      You__________________________________ (pick up) every litter in the street.

21)      Paul and you____________________________ (play) football.

22)      I__________________________________(pour) some water into the teapot.

23)      Dick______________________________ (push) the door.

24)      They____________________________ (swim) in the see.

25)      It_______________________________(rain).

26)      He______________________________ (remember) everything.

27)      We______________________________(repair) our car in the garage.

28)      Grandma_____________________________(sew) my jeans.

29)      The family_____________________________(ski) in winter.

30)      The baby______________________________ (smile).


  1. knocked            2. lied          3. lifted         4. liked           5. listened     

     6. lived                  7. Locked     8. looked       9. Loved       10. believed

    11. visited            12. painted   13. asked      14. hated        15. married

    16. moved           17. opened   18. packed    19. passed      20. picked up 

    21. played            22. poured    23. pushed    24. swam        25. rained

    26. remembered  27. repaired  28. sewed   29. skied         30. smiled  


 Student1:        Did you go anywhere interesting yesterday?

Student2:        Yes, I did. I went to City Center.

Student1:        Oh, really? How fantastic! What did you do over there?

Student2:        What do you mean?

Stunet1:          Well, I mean, did you buy anything or just hung around?

Student2:        To be honest, I did some window-shopping but bought nothing.

Students1:      Why not?

Student2:        Because it is too expensive to shop over there.

Students1:      Well, that makes sense.

Conclusion: Feel free to write your feedback about the article using the comment box below. We are doing our best to provide the best materials to give you hand learn English as a second language.

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