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Suffixes Spelling Rules in English

A suffix is a letter (or letters) added at the end of a word and add a certain meaning to the word. Remember adding a suffix to any word changes the grammatical function (or parts of speech) of the original word and form a new word. Moreover, comprehending the meanings of the common suffixes can help you figure out the meanings of new words you encounter. In the article below you will learn about Suffixes Spelling Rules in English  that will help you to build you vocabulary power.

Suffixes Spelling Rules in English
Suffixes Spelling Rules in English

Suffixes Spelling Rules in English

Noun + less = adjective

Noun Adjective Noun Adjective
job jobless fear fearless
work workless heart heartless
talent talentless word wordless
clue clueless care careless
home homeless help helpless
sleep sleepless need needless
hope hopeless worth worthless 
meaning meaningless voice voiceless
sound soundless sight sightless
life lifeless brain brainless
breath breathless tooth toothless

Noun + y =adjective

Noun Adjective Noun Adjective
hair hairy sweat sweaty
smoke smoky hunger hungry
mud muddy thirst thirsty
wind windy anger angry
cloud cloudy mood moody
rain rainy taste tasty
snow snowy smell smelly
fog foggy storm stormy
steam steamy dust dusty
dirt dirty sleep sleepy
sand sandy sun sunny
water watery dew dewy
ache achy itch itchy

Adjective + ness = noun

Adjective Noun Adjective Noun
kind kindness nice  niceness
sleepless sleeplessness good goodness
happy happiness jobless joblessness
sad sadness homeless homelessness
bright brightness careless carelessness
dark darkness hopeless hopelessness
white whiteness breathless breathlessness
lovely loveliness careful carefulness
lonely loneliness cold coldness
hot hotness sweet sweetness
bitter bitterness sour sourness
wet wetness dry dryness
glad gladness pleasant pleasantness
polite politeness Rude Rudeness

Verb + tion= noun

Verb Noun Verb Noun
select selection produce production
promote promotion reduce reduction
destroy destruction educate education
suggest suggestion apply application
infect infection contaminate contamination
introduce introduction interrupt interruption
seduce seduction attract attraction
delete deletion eliminate elimination
proclaim proclamation exclaim exclamation
form formation inform information
relax relaxation operate operation
cooperate cooperation inject injection
limit limitation continue continuation
complete completion specify specification
define definition modify modification
relate relation beautify beautification
motivate motivation vibrate vibration
confirm confirmation notify notification
recommend recommendation satisfy satisfaction
purify purification modernize Modernization
Recognize Recognition Familiarize Familiarization

Verb + ment = noun

Verb Noun Verb Noun
improve improvement invest investment
develop development assign assignment
advance advancement encourage encouragement
enjoy enjoyment enroll enrollment
excite excitement enlighten enlightenment
employ employment enhance enhancement
deploy deployment adjust adjustment
settle settlement pay payment
defer deferment announce announcement
encroach encroachment involve involvement

Verb + able= adjective

Verb Adjective Verb Adjective
work workable access accessible
love loveable reach reachable
change changeable permit permissible
touch touchable hug huggable
understand understandable read readable
apply applicable mention mentionable
adjust adjustable select selectable
remove removable bear bearable
enjoy enjoyable believe believable
collect collectable think thinkable
count countable trust trustable
like likable notice noticeable
sustain sustainable agree agreeable
eat eatable fix fixable
achieve achievable bend bendable
approach approachable value valuable

Verb + er/or = Noun

Verb Noun Verb Noun
teach teacher visit visitor
train trainer fight fighter
instruct instructor rob robber
drive driver run runner
clean cleaner swim swimmer
work worker sing singer
employ employer jog jogger
complain complainer sell seller
own owner dance dancer
joke joker translate translator
interpret  interpreter hijack  hijacker
listen listener speak speaker
write writer play player
conquer conqueror  explore explorer
sail sailor love lover
buy buyer hike hiker   

 Noun/adjective+ en= verb

Noun /adjective Verb Noun/adjective Verb
strength strengthen threat threaten
weak weaken tight tighten
dark darken white white

 Verb + change y to i + cation=noun

Verb Noun Verb Noun
beautify beautification modify modification
specify specification notify notification
identify identification simplify simplification
verify verification clarify clarification
purify purification qualify qualification
solidify solidification unify unification

Adjective + ize= verb

Adjective Verb Adjective Verb
modern modernize familiar familiarize  
visual visualize personal personalize

Adjective + lty=Noun

Adjective Noun Adjective Noun
possible Possibility Probable Probability
Real Reality Capable Capability
Responsible Responsibility Punctual Punctuality
Equal Equality Able Ability
Visible Visibility Available Availability
Local Locality Nobel Nobility
Sociable Sociability liable liability

Adjective + ly= adverb

Adjective Adverb Adjective Adverb
Slow slowly Quick Quickly
Careful Carefully Careless Carelessly
beautiful Beautifully Peaceful Peacefully
Faithful Faithfully nice Nicely
Calm Calmly Silent Silently
Noisy Noisily Rapid Rapidly
Polite politely Impolite Impolitely
Full Fully Entire Entirely
Complete Completely Sweet Sweetly
Soft softly Breathless Breathlessly
sudden suddenly Cautious Cautiously
Kind kindly Unbelievable Unbelievably
hopeful hopefully Immediate Immediately


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