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The 10 Best Biology Sites for Students

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The 10 Best Biology Sites for Students

Now, the world is based on technology and media. Today’s world is completely dependent on technology. We can not imagine a minute without media and technology instead our whole life is technology. If we put one glance around us so we can notice that technology has comforted us with everything. That’s why students can not do their homework, assignment, or project without the help of the internet. Because it has become a basic need. In the past era when we were taking months for doing and researching anything from books.

Basically the internet is now a source of help for new generations. Any subject can be easy to be understood by yourself but learning science may be harder subject to master. It is not easy to tackle the biology subject without the help of the internet. If you are looking to get online help for biology subject, here we introduce the 10 best biology sites for students. You can find any kind of help relating to the subject biology.

The 10 Best Biology Sites for Students

1. The Biology Corner

This helpful web site is basically developed by a high school teacher. This web site has lots of informative resources about biology subjects with extra practice and presentations. It also contains a variety of lessons, quizzes, labs, web quests, and information on scientific topics.

2. A Biology Hypertextbook

This biology web site was developed by a college teacher who has experience of many years of teaching college-level students the introductory biology. This web site is completely helpful for students as an educational purpose. One of the best parts about this web site is that this website features a basic biological concept through animation. Image gallery and videos.

3. The Biology Students Workbench

The biology student workbench is a web site based resources for analyzing and visualizing molecular data. This web site provides a framework and a subset of tools and useful database for teaching and learning bioinformatics. This web site is useful and full of free online information.

4. The Biology Project

This web site is an online interactive resource for learning biology from the University of Arizona. It covers a wide range of topics but mainly the sections of biochemistry, cell biology, chemicals, human health, developmental biology, immunology, Mendelian genetics, and molecular biology.  This web site solves the problems for students. In addition to the problem sets, the web site also provides detailed tutorials on the topics that are covered and activities that teachers can do with their students in the class. The problem sets are an excellent tool for students or for anyone wanting a quick way to refresh their knowledge in broad biological topics.

5. The ActionBioscience

This web site defined as a non-commercial, educational web site which is created to promote bioscience literacy. This site offers articles written by professors and emerging scientists alike. The topic includes biotechnology, biodiversity, genomics, evolution, and more. The web site also offers many articles in Spanish. ActionBioscience is a product of the American Institute of Biological sciences. This is not the kind of site where you come looking for a quick fix of information. Instead, the numerous, well-written articles are made for excellent and informative reading.

6. The DIYbio

DIYbio was founded in 2008 with the mission of establishing a vibrant, productive, and safe community of DIY biologists. Their mission is the belief that biotechnology and greater public understanding about it has the potential to benefit everyone.

7. The bioMedcentral

The BioMed Central (BMC) was founded in 2000 and is a united kingdom-based, for-profit scientific open access publisher that produces over 250 scientific topics. All the topics are published online. It produces the BMC series of journals covering the fields of biology and medicine but with biology fields, this web site also provides information about the other science subjects.

8. The Biology Junction

This is a great website for middle school and high school science teaching. It has a lot of ideas for lab preparations and safety tips. It has labs for each chapter and those labs usually do not require expensive equipment and apparatus. Most people this web site for their lab assignments.

9. The molecules of life

This web site is a school level interactive resource with images and even movies illustrating clearly and shortly the main techniques used in biophysics, biochemistry lab to gain an understanding of the structure of protein molecules.

10. The Molecular Biology WebBook

This web site is free of cost for students. You can read this book about molecular biology for free or download an electronic version which you will be able to open three times before having to insert key (which is sold on their own web site).

Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development, and evolution. Despite the complexity of this field, it is very interesting to know about yourself, about your body parts. But For some students biology may be one of the most difficult and complex fields for them to understand therefore, they check different web sites for studying better. So, if you want to know more about your favorite field then you can directly just check out the above web sites. These web sites will help you out and are very useful for the school level and a higher level of students.

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