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Would You Ever Questions For Conversation

Would You Ever Questions For Conversation
Would You Ever Questions For Conversation

Conversation is one of the best ways to improve speaking in English. Ask your classmates or friends the following questions and start a conversation in your English.

Would You Ever Questions For Conversation

Would You Ever?

1. Would you ever donate blood?
2. Would you ever consider being a farmer?
3. Would you ever donate a kidney or another vital organ?
4. Would you ever donate an organ in order to save another person’s life?
5. Would you ever drive a car if you had forgotten your license at home?
6. Would you ever drive your car with a flat tire?
7. Would you ever walk home alone at night?
a. In this country?
b. In another country?
8. Would you ever consider going bungee jumping?
9. Would you ever consider going skydiving?
10. Would you ever feed the animals at the zoo?
11. Would you ever get hair implants?
12. Would you ever give money to a panhandler? (A beggar)
13. Would you ever lie to help a friend?
14. Would you ever paint your living room black?
15. Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?
16. Would you ever slap someone for something they said?
17. Would you ever smoke in a no-smoking area?
18. Would you ever steal from your family or friends?
19. Would you ever “take a bullet” for someone else?
20. Would you ever walk downtown without any shoes on your feet?
21. Would you eat a live cricket for $500? If not, how much money would it take?
22. Would you name your children after favorite characters in movies or books?
a. Would you do so if the names were strange, as in science fiction movies or books?
23. Would you ever pull over and help someone on the side of the road?
a. Do you think this could be dangerous to do?
24. Would you ever say yes to someone even if you meant no?
25. Would you ever consider plastic surgery if a friend suggested it to you?
26. Would you ever consider writing your own book?
27. Would you ever try staying in the jungle for a month?
28. Would you ever pretend to be someone (like a policeman, or a teacher, or a survey taker) just to get something that you wanted?
29. Would you ever adopt a child?
30. Would you ever defy your boss if he/she asked you to do something you didn’t agree with?
31. Would you ever eat raw meat?
32. Would you ever consider being a teacher?
33. Would you ever fight with your best friends?
34. Would you ever drink alcohol?
35. Would you ever travel illegally?

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