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10 Best Online English Courses to Help You Become Fluent Speaker

I wonder why you are confused roaming here and there, actually, you are the one who is in search of the best online English speaking courses, ain’t you? There is no doubt that you want to improve your English speaking, therefore you are in search of the best English Language courses. We know that English is an international language and by far the most and widely spoken language in the world. That’s why learning the English Language is very important for everyone especially people who want to have comfortable and a good life ahead. Speaking English has many benefits and it has opened a world of good opportunities from travel, study to work. If you can understand and communicate with others in English fluently, then you will be able to handle a good business and live a happy life. Therefore, learning English Language and speaking fluently has become so important and that is the reason people want to even take online courses for it. With this in mind, I have listed a wide and variety of the 10 best online English courses that will help you become a fluent speaker quickly. So let’s have a quick look at all of them as follow:

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10 Best Online English Courses to Help You Become Fluent Speaker

1. esolcourses.com

ESOL stands for English for speakers of the other languages. This course is for those who are not native English speakers. ESOL offers a lot of free online English courses for different English learners’ levels ( beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, or advanced). If your main goal is to become fluent in English speaking, then you have to choose speaking part from all other courses. As well as it provides different exercises for practice and learning well.

2. openlearning.com

You will find a very friendly environment at open learning. You will find experts sharing their experiences and knowledge with you guys in order to help you improve your speaking. Open learning works with some top universities in the world, therefore you will find professionals sharing their knowledge with you and their courses will be liked by you. Not all the courses on this site are free of cost, only some are available free but are really great for you. So once check it out after reading this article.

3. udemy.com

Udemy teaches everything related to the English Language. There are thousands of courses, even though they all are not from prominent universities but their courses are of high-quality.
Udemy provides video lectures, written materials, and quizzes to help you improve and learn more. You can watch videos or read the lessons and after that, they have exercises through which you can test yourself. I believe that by joining this site, you can learn the English Language very well.

4. audible.com.au

This course is best for beginners. It’s a 30-day course and requires at least six hours of study each week. The course is designed to be engaging, and a strong concentration on students’ participation. The best thing is that if you miss any lesson, then you will be provided a recording of it. And in the end, you will be awarded a certificate for participation.

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5. coursera.org

Some of you may already know about Massive Open Online Courses, which are often provided by top universities, they are usually free and come with certification. Coursera is one of the most popular platforms of Massive Open Online Courses. They provide a lot of opportunities for learning English. Coursera courses focus only on communication skills. It’s four months course and is especially for beginners. It includes four courses, once you start taking all the courses then you will be able to speak English fluently and professionally.

6. fluentu.com

FluentU is one of the best learning websites out there. FluentU uses videos just like commercials, movie trailers, and music videos to help users learn the language with full interest. As well as it focuses on grammar rules. The FluentU community believes that by watching videos students learn the way quickly than possible. That’s why they provide a lot of visual activities instead of written ones. Their videos come with English subtitles. If you find any word difficult, then you can click on the word and can see magic. And that magic is that the definition, meaning, and pronunciation of it comes right after you click. They provide a vocabulary list for participants. It is great for beginners because the native speakers will train them. This feature of FluentU is great because, by the help of it, the participants can learn how to pronounce the word like native speakers and where to use it and how to use.

7. oxfordonlineenglish.com

Oxford Online English has a number of English courses, including one which is especially for speaking skills. When you register yourself in their course, then you will be paired with a native teacher and have video lessons over Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook. Most of their courses are available only when you pay for them, but there are some of their video lessons that are free of cost, so you can learn from them a lot.

8. my-mooc.com

My MOOC is the perfect solution for developing two in one skill. I mean by the help of its courses you will be able to learn two main skills, speaking and writing fluently. Both are really helpful for today’s life. It is free of costs and you its courses are available 24/7 for people around the globe.

9. learnenglish.britishcouncil.org

Learn English online is the perfect place to find everything related to the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, and even you can practice them with doing their exercises. It offers a lot of lessons online and each lesson covers only one grammar topic. The lessons include explanations, videos, examples, and tests related to the topic of the lesson. If you want to speak English fluently, then try to go through this site once.

10. londonschool.com

It is for those who look for best and high-quality English lessons online and free of cost. They provide Skype English lessons that cover speaking and presentation skills for general use. Most people use The London School of English for preparing for IELTS exams. You will be given a mentor or trainer to help you with your lessons which will become easier for you to speak English fluently.

So these were all the 10 best online English courses that I listed for you guys. What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in the article? Do you guys know about any other online courses that will help students enhance their speaking skills? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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