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8 Bad Habits That Drain Students’ Energy

Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time and can’t concentrate on your studies very well and do you know the reason behind this low energy level? We all know that whatever we do daily affects our strength and energy level. You all might have heard about good habits and bad habits. Obviously, you have heard because these two are the major factors of our strength and energy which play a very essential role in our life. If a student doesn’t study, then people say that they have adopted some bad habits that’s why they have become lazy and careless about studying. The reason behind why sometimes students become lazy and can’t concentrate well on their studies is the bad habits that they maintain. In order to avoid laziness, in this article, we focus on the 8 bad habits that drain students’ energy and find their solution together.

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8 Bad Habits That Drain Students’ Energy

1. Staying around negativity

Negativity is a bad attitude that one may have about something or someone. People who are negative always tend to reject advice, suggestions, and don’t let anyone interfere in their lives. They always look towards everything in a negative way. Being negative affects an individual’s life. If you are a student and you feel so tired and exhausted while studying so, first of all, get rid of negativity. Mostly in some families, the members always have skirmishes and fights with each other which leads students to feel always depressed and exhausted. So for getting rid of this bad habit, students need to think positively and sit with people who are positive. In this way, they can always stay fresh, energetic, and can concentrate very well on their daily work and studies.

2. Not exercising

You might have heard a lot that exercise is very good for our health. But did you know that how it can help you feel energetic throughout the day?
So what is the importance of exercising?
Experts recommend teenagers to exercise 60 minutes a day for being energetic and healthy. Exercise benefits every part of our body including our mind. When our brain is fresh, then we become so active and can work with our full power. If students don’t adopt exercising, then, of course, their energy will be reduced and they will not be able to do anything. Besides this, exercise helps people lose weight and stay healthy and fit. Exercise helps a person age well and lower the risk of heart diseases. Nowadays students don’t exercise, therefore they are so lazy and it is a bad habit that we should get rid of it so that we should become an energetic person.

3. Lack of sleep

We know that we need 6-7 hours of sleep each day and if we lack sleep, then we know its bad consequences too. Some students sleep late and as a result, they feel sleepy in school and miss their essential periods. It is a bad habit because it has very bad consequences and affects our daily activities and body function. Taking enough sleep is important for becoming energetic and healthy. When you don’t take enough sleep, then you feel so tired, exhausted and your body becomes weaker because you have only half of the energy stored and this is a common bad habit that reduces your energy. So be careful and take enough sleep to avoid the drain of energy.

4. Living in the past

Some people have this bad habit that they think on the things that happened in the past and they always get stuck in those memories that they can’t change them anymore. But they kill themselves by revising those happenings again and again and don’t want to live in the present. If students also adopt this bad habit, then they will not be able to move ahead because they will always waste their energy regretting those things that cannot be resolved. There are some students who always regret the mistakes they have done in the past. For instance, if a student has failed an exam and he should always regret his failure, then he will never be able to concentrate on his present time and will never be able to move ahead. So try to get rid of such bad habits so that you should feel energetic and confident.

5. Overstress


Difficulties are a part of life, and obviously being a human we face many difficulties and challenges in every step of life. Becoming depressed means you have given up and couldn’t challenge the difficulties. Indeed, challenges are what make you more charming and strong in life, especially when you are a student, don’t get depressed against difficulties instead face them, and feel energetic against them, and never give up on them.

6. Not eating healthy

Did you know that eating unhealthy food is a bad habit and can drain your half energy easily? Of course, every individual knows this because from the day we have opened our eyes we have heard this that eating unhealthy can lead to risky diseases and can even kill us. Not eating healthy is another factor which is a cause for our laziness and low energy level. Except for making us lazy, it is a major factor for risky diseases like heart disease, obesity, chronic diseases, and diabetes. When you eat unhealthy food, then you become fat and being unhealthy makes you lazy and you will always feel tired and exhausted.
This is a big problem for us and we don’t want this so the only solution for getting rid of this bad habit is to eat healthily and exercise.

7. Staying up too late

Do you have a problem while sleeping? Suppose you are going to sleep, and suddenly you remember that your favorite serial is going to start what will you do? Of course, you will stay awake so that you should watch that serial and go through social media till the late night. Is it a good habit and does it benefit you? Obviously, the answer is no because it is considered to be an ultimate bad habit and getting rid of it is very difficult. The scientific name for staying too late is bedtime procrastination.

Experts in a 2014 article in Frontiers in Psychology, wrote that staying too late makes people miss out on their sleep nowadays which leads to disturbed schedules. And which negatively affects their daily activities and body functions. If you are a student and want to be energetic and learn everything quickly, then try to sleep earlier and avoid this bad habit.

8. Spending plenty of time on social media

In an interview, Steve Jobs was asked if he and his kids spend plenty of their time on social media. So his answer was that he limits using social media for his kids because they know the bad consequences the social media and technology has on their activities and brain. He said that the drug of today’s era is social media and of course modern technology.

Spending plenty of our time on social media is like smoking, drinking, and many other bad habits. Using social media is a threat to our life because it makes us addicted and moreover, it wastes our energy and disturbs our brain and as a result, we will not be able to perform well and lose our concentration. So instead of adopting this bad habit, try to read a book and add in your knowledge and in this way getting rid of this habit will also become easier for you.

So these are the 8 bad habits that reduce your energy even without you getting aware of it. There are several bad habits that drain our energy but these are the most common ones which we have to be aware of and try to stay away from them. And adopt habits that should make you more energetic and active not the ones that should make you lazy and careless.

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