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9 Apps that Will Make Student’s Life Easier

9 Apps that Will Make Student’s Life Easier
9 Apps that Will Make Student’s Life Easier

Have you entered a college and want to know how to survive? It won’t be as easy as ABC. But it is up to you to organize the process of study the right way and maximize productivity. Students of the XXI century have a lot of learning opportunities that make the process of studying less time-consuming and more effective. Today, if you lack the time for writing an essay, you can solve this problem easily by sending a request “Can you do my homework for money??” to custom writers. If you choose reputable writing service, you can be sure that your homework will be done on a top-level.

It’s the best way to deal with urgent papers. But besides buying professional writing help, you should learn to manage time effectively and cope with many commitments on your own. Want to know how to do this spending minimum time and effort? Just download apps for students listed below on your smartphone and you’ll see how your life will change for the better.

Memorize New Material Faster with Smart Apps


It is intended to be used with the aim to help students memorize new material. There are special modules and cards you can use for free. This app is used all over the world by students studying different fields. The main advantage is the possibility to use this app without access to the Internet.


It is one more app that is worth downloading. Use it to keep all files in one place. This application can be used to record lectures, which is very convenient and saves much time. There are several analogs of the app. They are Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Nimbus Note, and WizNote. Check how each of them works and use the one that fits your needs best.

For Learning Foreign Languages

For effective learning of foreign languages, there are also several valuable mobile applications. Multitran is an app that will help you to master any foreign language quickly and easily. The dictionary gives an explanation to each word or phrase giving the meaning of the term and making it clear to the foreigner. There are a lot of different topics covered there. The topics vary from general terms to more specific vocabulary. Find the terms in the sphere of automation, business, etc. It’s easy to work with Multitran.

Improve the Knowledge in Your Major with Online Courses

TED Talks:

Ted Talks is an app designed for students to have the possibility to listen to online lectures for free. Download the app whether you have iOS or Android. This kind of software can be used by students studying different fields as there are courses on a large number of topics.


It is one more app to download to improve your knowledge with the help of online Coursera courses. You don’t need to pay for the possibility to use courses. At the beginning of 2017, 24 million users and more than 2,000 courses and 160 specializations from 149 educational institutions of the world were registered in Coursera.

Be More Organized and Never Be Late


Todoist is the best reminder ever. No need to remember about everything. Entrust this to this app and it’ll do the rest. You will be reminded of all important events without a delay.


This will tell you when you have seminars and lectures, and when you have free time. Just download your college schedule in just one click once and forget about being late. It isn’t the only feature you’ll enjoy. Try it on your own and check what other functions it has.


This is a scheduler for smartphones is a must-have for most students. There is a special system of reminders that are designed for you not to keep in mind everything. This app can make planning easier with the function of synchronization. There are a lot of alarms – applications that help to wake up at all costs. There are soft and hard options. Here are just a few, choose for yourself: the puzzle alarm will not turn off the sound signal until you turn on your brain and solve the arithmetic puzzle written on the screen. Difficulty can be set in advance.

Puzzle Alarm Clock:

It makes it possible to solve tests with customizable complexity: mathematical, associative, short-term memory, and so on.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can):

It disables the alarm after the person has made a photo of a certain object. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient way of turning it off. For example, to shake your device intensively.
Try the productivity apps and you’ll see that studying can be fun and easy.

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