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10 Best Apps to Help You Write an Awesome Essay

10 Best Apps to Help You Write an Awesome Essay

Essay writing is tough because you have to follow several rules and ethics of it. Writing the best essay requires lots of time, logical points, organized sentences, and many more to go. If you miss one of them, then the reader will get confused and bored. Gratefully, there are several apps out there to help you stay organized and focused on your writing. No matter is, what you are writing about the only purpose of these apps is helping you complete your assignments with ease. Even there are several apps that write essays and provide them to the students. If you are a high school, college, or university student, then you might have experienced the burden of tons of essay assignments, which are endless. So these apps are helpful to these types of students. Therefore, I have listed the 10 best apps to help you write an awesome essay. Let’s have a quick glance at all of them as follow:

10 Best Apps to Help You Write an Awesome Essay

1. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the most popular note-taking apps. The best essays start from small ideas and this app is one of these idea builders which help students gather their notes and then make a full thought out of the smallest ones in the form of essay. In this app, there is a small search bar, where you can find notes of previous essays. On the other hand, Simplenote is free of cost. It is for all types of mobile phones. It is available for web, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS. In this app, you can edit your essays too. You can stylize the text by using Markdown. Download this app for writing awesome essays.

2. Focus writer

Focus writer is free of cost, open free source word processing program which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Overall, it is the best source for those who want to get a good grade in their exams. Who are serious about writing awesome essays. It includes different features like, themes, live statistics, spelling check, notes, and all the things which are required for writing an awesome essay. This app functions just like Microsoft Word. Its features are also somehow similar to Word. So try it for writing your next essay.

3. Evernote

Evernote functions just like Simplenote. Its features are alike the app. It is available for Mac users only. Users of Mac can use pretty much everything in Evernote. From notes to drawing. I mean everything is available free of cost for students to complete their essay assignments easily.

4. Coggle

Ever thought of an app that should be able to connect your points together? So Coggle is that app designed especially for writing essays and putting your ideas together correctly. It is like a visual mindmap that calculates the right place of the different words and where they are appropriate to be used. Fortunately, one of the mind mapping technologies is free of cost. There are thousands of apps like Coggle but the problem is that you have to pay for their different features. Coggle allows you to make a clear path for your writing and connect your words correctly.

5. Diaro

Did you know that Diaro crossed 3 million downloads in Google Play and it’s been featured as the best essay writing apps around the globe. It is like a diary and used for writing and keeping essay notes in your mobile and edit it later by this app. Diaro has a comfortable keyboard, stylish layout, and has many other excellent features. Quickly go and download this app and see how truly it works.

6. Manuscript

The manuscript is an amazing and powerful essay writing app. It functions very well and its job is to make essay writing easy for students. As it corrects spelling errors by itself, punctuation marks errors, capitalization mistakes, and overall corrects grammatical errors. It also finds out abbreviations, compound words, numerals in the middle of the sentences, and layouts that appear in different forms in essay writing. It is available for free and there is no limitation on its usage. Matters not, how complicated is your essay this app manages everything from a to z. So go and download.

7. Hemingway

You can find this app on several writing guides. It is because it functions very well and is satisfactory for students. It is a proofreader and proofreader means that it rechecks your essay from different perspectives and angles. And if there is any problem, then it corrects it immediately. It finds out complex sentences and makes it clear for the reader, makes the essay short and relevant. This app is free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up go and download this great app.

8. Essay Shark

Essay Shark is one of the best writing apps available for Android and iOS users. It is available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is also available for free. This app finds out a writer for you who should be able to write an original essay for you. Even you can talk to your writer and can get information about the writer and his experience. This platform provides students awesome academic essays but you have to pay the writer. You have to hire a writer whom you can afford. So if you do not want to write your essays yourself, then use this app for help.

9. Scribus

Do you want to get a good grade in school? How is this possible? It is possible but only because Scribus is packed with all the rich features a student needs to write an awesome essay for their school. You can write your essays on this platform and can edit them too. It is available for free for all devices. And the purpose of designing this app is to help students with their essay assignments. Need help for writing essays, so go and download it right now.

10. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a software in which you can edit your essays and make it perfect from every angle. The role of this app is to find out errors in your essay and then rectify them automatically. An essay is best when it is free and clean from every kind of error, so the primary step of writing an awesome essay is to write accurately without any errors. It has both free and paid versions available for the operating systems. But it’s all paid versions have a 14 days free trial. Pro writing Aid aims only to help you improve your writing skills. When you join this app, at that time you will be able to improve your essay writing and present an awesome one.

So these were all the possible apps that I listed for you guys. Most of the apps were for editing essays, but as we know that the primary step of improving is finding out the errors and then rectifying it. Similarly, if there is no error, means that work is surely accurate and awesome. So for making your essays more attractive, try these apps.

What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Do you guys know about any other essay writing apps? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.


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