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Best Tips for Home Sellers in 2024 | 10 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home in Australia

If you are ready to sell your house, you might want to sell it quickly. Whether you’re moving for a new career that begins shortly or has a pending contract on a new property, it’s critical to generate interest in your home. This is especially true if you need to sell your house quickly. The more potential purchasers you can bring in, the higher your prospects of selling quickly. Besides, there is a great chance that you will sell your house for a decent price too. With that said whatever your motivation for selling your house is, here are some best tips for home sellers in 2024.

12 Best Tips for House Buyers – 12 Important Things to Know Before Buying a Property in 2024

Best Tips for Home Sellers 2024 | 10 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home in Australia

Selling your property will require some effort, but this does not imply it should be any more difficult than required. By being wise with your time and efforts, you can pave the way for a purchase that meets your objectives. Besides, allows you to get the full value of your home. With that in mind, check out the following best tips for house sellers to make sure that you not only sell your house fast but also get the right price for your property.

1. Get Your House Ready for Sell

In the market, there is no doubt that your property is frequently competing with other houses that have been presented as if they were freshly built. If you want to receive the best price, make sure your house is in its best form for potential buyers. So, follow the steps below to make sure that your house is ready for sale. 

Clear Out Your Area

Clear as much room as possible to give prospective purchasers a sense of how they wish to fill it. If your home is crammed with your belongings, it will appear smaller and will eliminate your property from consideration.

Depersonalize Your Area

A potential buyer could find the pink, green, and yellow-colored space distracting. The same is true for baseball cards or any other stuff that may prevent purchasers from envisioning the house as their own. Keep paint colors and wall design neutral throughout your house. 

Make Sure Your House Smells Good

You may have become accustomed to odors in your house. However, purchasers prefer it to have that new-construction odor. When purchasers visit your house, clean carpet, fresh paint, and a dehumidifier for a stinky basement may help keep their noses pleased.

Light Up Your House

Opening the windows and turning on the lights makes the house appear larger. Besides, it allows buyers to imagine how their belongings might fit in the property if they were theirs. Furthermore, d Damaged light bulbs might be a sign that the house hasn’t been cared for.

Have a Stagging Service

Staging your house might not only help you make more money on the sale, however, it may also assist you in selling your property faster. According to the poll of the National Association of Realtors in 2021, staged homes were 1% to 5% more expensive and took less time to sell.

Get a House Inspection

A full house survey provides you with a thorough examination of your house’s visible and invisible components.  You will want to learn if there are any impending concerns with the water heater, air conditioning, roof, and other functional parts. In addition, make sure that you fix apparent items such as broken door handles, discoloration on the carpet, or nail holes in the wall. However, we recommend that you do not go for a kitchen or bathroom renovation if you are selling your house.

2. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

According to the 2021 National Association of Retailers Profile of Home sellers and buyers, the proper real estate agent may help you handle the intricate home-selling process. Besides, it states that 90% of sellers sold their houses with the assistance of a real estate agent in 2020. Furthermore, a skilled realtor is knowledgeable about the particular qualities of various communities.

Also, they are good at frequently networking with other real estate agents to discover appropriate buyers for your house.

In addition to that, real estate brokers also comprehend the complexities of purchase agreements. And they know how to keep track of all the moving components that go into selling your house. Some of these are as follows:

  • Assisting you in setting a competitive rate for your house
  • Scheduling any house staging and viewing appointments
  • Examining buying proposals and submitting counter-offers
  • Negotiations over who will pay for any required maintenance
  • Getting in touch with the buyer’s agency
  • Examining timescales for house appraisals in addition to buyer mortgage approvals, and closings

Besides, remember that a real estate agent will assist you throughout the entire procedure. They will supervise the expert photographer who has to take high-quality images of your house. Besides, they will have to negotiate the best pricing for your house.

3. Make Sure that You Set the Right Price for Your House

The third tip in our list of best tips for house sellers is to set a reasonable price for your house. After all, the price of your property informs purchasers more than you may think. Besides, if you overprice your house, purchasers may not even dare to look at it. Elsewise, if you price your house too cheap, buyers may avoid it because they believe there might be something wrong with it.

We recommend that you should contact your real estate agent because real estate brokers appear to have the experience and knowledge of local home markets to assist you in determining a competitive price. Besides, according to the National Association of Retailers, homebuyers who hired a real estate agent to sell their property received an average of 98% of their expected price.

Moreover, your real estate agent can develop a comparative market assessment that examines previous sales of surrounding houses with similar qualities to yours.

In addition, it is good to look for prices that buyers look for in your area. For instance, if you list your house for $300,000, you might miss purchasers who are looking for a house under $300,000. Therefore, make sure that you are selling your house for the right price.

4. Make Sure You are Using all the Available Mediums

Ancient real estate brokers might be sluggish to adapt to new marketing platforms. Therefore, we recommend that you should employ someone who has shown proficiency with the internet.

An Agent with a website is fantastic. But you also want to work with an individual who understands how to make your house sparkle online. Real estate brokers that have mastered their web presence recognize the significance of making your house stand out from the crowd. It all begins with your photographs, once again.

Besides, even if you are all over the internet without nice photographs, it will not matter since your presentation will be terrible.

Agents of real estate that have a strong grasp of their marketing use social media to supplement their Real Estate marketing efforts. Today, there is no doubt that nearly everyone possesses a smartphone. A growing proportion of these people utilize one of the main social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, or Twitter.

If somebody is looking for a house and your realtor is promoting through these platforms, you may see an uptick in viewing activity.

5. Consider a Professional Cleaning

A clean property is more appealing to purchasers. But a dirty home will send them away quicker than anything else. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service is the simplest method to ensure that your property is clean and looks its best.

Moreover, make absolutely sure your bathroom and kitchen are immaculate. Buyers will pay special attention to these tiny details. Additionally, ensure that your carpets and rugs are as tidy as possible. Also, consider getting your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally if necessary.

This is one of those situations when a few hundred dollars could save you thousands by keeping the buyer from believing they must repair the carpets right away.

6. Tidy Up Your Kitchen

The sixth hack on our list of best tips for house sellers is to tidy up your kitchen. Because many house buyers are particularly interested in kitchens. Therefore, make sure your kitchen is relatively clean and appealing.

For instance, you might need to replace your Formica countertops from the 1970s. Besides, you may also wish to replace a couple of appliances if the current ones are in poor condition. After all, the kitchen is the most significant area in the house, according to most real estate brokers.

Besides, it makes sense because the kitchen is often where we spend the majority of our time. Hence, make every possible effort to make your kitchen as inviting as possible.

7. Conceal Your Pets

Some individuals do not like pets, which is difficult for pet owners to appreciate at times. You might not want to spend time with such individuals as a dog or cat owner. But they may make a wonderful offer on your property.

Therefore, take the dogs to a secure and comfortable location, such as a friend’s house. Besides, some individuals are put off by having traces of your pet, especially their scents. Consider some of the greatest recommendations for selling your house with dogs for some sensible advice.

Besides, you may assume that a cute puppy would win over potential purchasers, but you’d be incorrect. Not everyone adores dogs or cats. Buyers do not want to enter your home and see a dish of dog food. Or smell the kitten litter box, or have strands of pet hair clinging to their clothing. It gives buyers the perception that your home is dirty.

Therefore, send the pets to a pet motel for the day if you’re having an open house.

8. Always be Ready for a Showing

Another great hack that we had to include in our list of best tips for house sellers is to always be ready for a showing. Once you advertise your house, you may receive inquiries from agents within hours about interested customers who want to see your house. It will be simpler to manage those calls if you maintain your home ready for showings.  Of course, this entails keeping the house as clean as possible. Therefore, give your house a thorough cleaning including all the rooms before you list your house for sale.

Also, make an additional effort to clear away the particles and dust that have accumulated in the ventilation system and ducting. All leftover furniture, paintings, and artworks should be dusted and cleaned. In addition to that, clean the glass doors and windows. Then, use the vacuum to help renew the carpets.

Finally, apply an odor remover to get rid of any residual pet scents or odors from yesterday night’s supper. If the only thing a consumer recalls is the smell of freshly made cookies or blossoms, you may make an immensely great impression.

9. Invest in a Professional Photographer

Many realtors now provide 3D presentations of their listings. Virtual instructional videos are extremely beneficial to both sellers and buyers. We know that buyers may buy at any time of day or night, however, sellers can display their homes at any time of day or night. Besides, I t also limits showings to just serious purchasers.

If buyers are genuinely interested, they will undergo the virtual walkthrough, usually multiple times. Then, request a physical viewing of the house.

Professional photography is yet another excellent choice for presenting your house in the best possible light. Houses with high-quality, commercial pictures are known to sell faster and for a higher price. A professional photographer will photograph each room from the greatest viewpoint possible while emphasizing its best attributes.

10. Organize the Storage Areas

The last hack on our list of best tips for house sellers is to make sure that you organize the storage areas of your house. Storage is a commodity that every customer desires and will never have enough of. So, take a portion of your belongings out of your closets. Then carefully organize whatever is left. Because buyers will problem. So, make sure your storage, closets, and cabinets are neat and organized.

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