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Basic Grammar Structures In English

There are hundreds of grammar rules, but if you just started learning English, you first need to know some basic rules of the language to help you create your own sentences correctly and improve your communication skills both in written and spoken English. Basic grammar structures in English focuses on the fundamental grammar structures normally taught in basic or foundation classes. Each of the structures is elaborated with simple explanations and illustrations for the ESL students to be useful.

Basic Grammar Structures In English
Basic Grammar Structures In English

Basic Grammar Structures In English

Basic Grammar structures in English contain the following grammatical structures:
1. Sentence Structure

  • The Subject
  • The Verb
  • The Predicates
  • The Complement
  • Object (direct and indirect object)

2. To be verbs

  • Present to be verbs
  • Past to be verbs
  • Future to be verbs

3. Kinds of sentences according to its purpose and structure

  • Assertive or declarative sentences
  • Interrogative sentences
  • Imperative sentences
  • Exclamatory sentences
  • Optative sentences

4. Parts of Speech

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection

5. Articles

  • Definite Article
  • Indefinite Article

6. Modals

  • Modal Auxiliary Verbs
  • Can – Could
  • Should
  • Might
  • Will
  • Must
  • May
  • Shall
  • Would

7. Determiners

  • Introduction to determiners
  • Numeral Adjectives
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Demonstrative Adjectives 
  • Interrogative Adjectives
  • Indefinite Adjectives

8. Quantifiers

9. Modifiers

10. Tenses

Past Tenses:

Present Tenses:

Future Tenses:

11. Questions

12. Polite Requests

13. Subject Verb Agreement

14. Comparative and Superlative

15. Possessive

  • The Possessive Case
  • Possessive Nouns
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Possessive Pronouns

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