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Best English Books For English Learners

Best English Books For English Learners
Best English Books For English Learners

English is an International language and today it is a compulsory requirement of each one of us to have a command in English at least we understand it. so if you have a poor English just go through these best English books for English Learners. it will give you amazing change in your English knowledge.

Indeed, people try many ways to learn English. One of the best ways to learn English is reading books. Reading can open your mind to brilliant new words and take you to a new level of English language learning., Hence to help you learn English and have self-studies I introduce top 10 or best English books for English learners. These books will benefit you in four modules: Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing.

Best English Books For English Learners

1. The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

by Phil Williams

The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide


The studying of all English tenses is very important for ESL students in order to improve your communication skills both in written and spoken English, in addition, correct use of tenses helps you speak with people clearly and effectively.

Twelve basic tenses of English language will aid you immensely in gaining effective communication skills. This book contains a comprehensive guide to the grammatical forms, rules and usage patterns of all 12 aspects of the English language, The English Tenses: Practical Grammar Guide is ideal as either an accompaniment to core texts or as a full self-study guide. For English learners of an intermediate level and above, this book introduces the reader to flexible uses of the English tenses, with simple, easy-to-follow explanations and colorful examples.

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2. 504 Absolutely Essential Words

By Murray Bromberg (Author), Julius Liebb (Author), Arthur Traiger (Author)

Learning vocabulary is a major part o learning English. For the person who is learning English as a second language, it’s important to know and have a good vocabulary power, in order to have a good mastery in four modules.

504 is a self-help book. If you use it intelligently, you will help yourself to strengthen and strengthen and expand your word knowledge. The words you will learn, moreover, are essential in that they are known and used regularly by educated people. You will find that such words as squander, rehabilitate, blunder, obesity and five hundred more will turn up in your newspapers, in the magazines you read, in books, on television, in the movies, and in the conversation of the people you meet daily.

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3. Essential English Grammar with Answers

By Murphy (Author)

Essential English Grammar with Answers

Although you do write “good sentences” most of the time, you may make a few mistakes. Studying grammar is really just learning a new vocabulary so that you can talk about and learn how to correct these mistakes. Understanding grammar also helps you write new kinds of sentences that are more effective and more persuasive. Also, grammar is the system of a language, when you know the system of something obviously you can use that in the proper way, hence learning grammar is important, click here to know why learning grammar is important.

Here I recommend Essential English Grammar with answers which are a simple book written for elementary users with little knowledge of English. Divided into small chapters with numerous examples and exercises. Recommended for anyone who wants to start afresh with the English language. Ideal for school going kids and a good book for basics of English grammar. Each exercise helps our learning process. I suggest those who are bad in English use this book. you will definitely find it not only easy but very helpful.

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4. Spoken English (English Improvement for Success)

by Alison Reid (Author)

Literally, every ESL learner wants to speak English powerfully and fluently, but it needs some requisites to do this. Click the link best ways to improve you spoken English.

Indeed, there are many people who find it difficult to speak the English language fluently even if their written English is quite good. But with little determination, practice, and patience, they can learn to speak English confidently.

Spoken English (English improvement for success) is a comprehensive guide to using English for effective verbal communication and it can help the reader understand particular demands of different audiences, subjects, and situations. It consists of various guidelines and exercises to help the reader tailor their verbal messages with impressive words.

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5. English Improvement Course (with 4 Free Books)

by S. Rajinder Dhillon (Author), Sabiha Zareen (Author), Manoshi Sinha (Author)

English Improvement Course is, as the name suggests, a book set which is aimed at improving the grasp and understanding of the students in the English language. The book aims at delivering concepts in a manner that helps to improve all the aspects of learning the English Language. Be it understanding the grammar, or skills related to listening and speaking the language, the book has ample resources and materials to help the students in all these aspects.

The book set comes with four different books each of which focuses on one aspect of understanding the language. They are Handbook of Practical English Grammar, Handbook of English Composition, Handbook of English and finally a Handbook of Common Errors in the English Language. By going through these handbooks, the students can rectify the mistakes that they had been making. The English Improvement Course offers the complete package for mastering the English language. The book follows a precise and to the point teaching method where the book first explains the concepts and chapters in concise details. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises that will help the students to a better understanding of the concepts and their explanations.

6. Writing Correct English

By H S Bhatia (Author)

One of the difficult modules that often English learners have a problem in is writing skill. Writing skills depends on your creativity or inventiveness, grammatical accuracy, style of expression, personal observation, collection and selection ideas, shaping ideas in proper order.

Writing correct English is a book has been designed to enhance your writing and cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying at schools, colleges and universities and the candidates for competitive examinations conducted by UPSC, SSC and many other boards and agencies for recruitment to various services throughout the country.

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7. Active Listening Skills: Understanding and Improving Active Listening Skills Kindle eBook

by James Guthrie (Author)

Indeed, learning a language starts from listening. When a child is born he starts learning a language by listening to others. He listens, listens and listens before he speaks, hence listening is a major part of learning English as a second language.

Active Listening Skills is a complete guide to understanding and improving your active listening skills. This book includes the impact of active listening, active listening business, active listening in life and strategies to improve active listening skills.

Active listeners have the innate ability to engage with the messenger by quickly and effectively interpreting all forms of the message sent both verbal and non-verbal. This book covers powerful techniques to help you become a more effective active listener.

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8. Advanced English Reading and Comprehension

By: Diane Engelhardt 

Your performance in reading modules majorly depends on how you read a text. Reading is not only uttering words of a passage. There is a purpose behind reading. The purpose is to grasp the complete idea of each sentence which the writer wants to convey to the reader, which is called effective reading.

Advanced English Reading and Comprehension features lengthy, complex passages to help you develop essential English reading and critical thinking skills. Inside are 15 readings on topics such as DNA evidence, sustainable urban communities, the human genome project, and more–subjects that will keep you engaged as you take your English to the next level.

You will get plenty of practice, practice, practice on understanding and comprehending high-level vocabulary through enlightening exercises. You’ll master how to organize the information you read, summarize text, and more. Before you know it, your reading skills will be stronger and your comprehension will grow, enabling you to get more out of English-language texts.

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9. English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners

By: Jean Yates

Learning vocabulary is a major part of learning English. if you have a good vocabulary power, then you can easily communicate with native speakers.  English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners helps you develop your vocabulary by providing practice in word-building and encouraging you to analyze new words for an ever-increasing vocabulary. Each chapter of this comprehensive book focuses on a theme, such as family or travel, so you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. As you lay the foundation for an increasing vocabulary, you are able to perfect your new words with plenty of exercises and gain the confidence to communicate well in English.

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10. Essential Idioms in English, New Edition Revised Edition

by Robert J. Dixson (Author)

Idioms are an essential part of the English language. It’s easy to get lost in translation if you do not know the meanings of these everyday phrases. Moreover, if you know the essential idioms in English, you can easily communicate with native speakers.

Essential Idioms in English is a classic book helps people learn and understand 500 of the most common English-language idioms. 500 English-language idioms are presented and defined, along with numerous exercises to review and build upon new language learned. Also includes a glossary with English equivalents in French, Spanish, and German. ESL learners at all levels.

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