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Brazil Independence Day Celebration and Comparing Script

On the day of independence, freedom and liberty dance in the air with such a melodious music and every true citizen wants to celebrate this day with full passion and happiness. Therefore, Brazil Independence Day Celebration and Comparing Script below will assist you to celebrate the happiness in schools and colleges.

Brazil Independence Day Celebration and Comparing Script
Brazil Independence Day Celebration and Comparing Script

Brazil Independence Day Celebration and Comparing Script


Anchor 1: Good morning, everyone! Hope you all are doing well. It is a very different yet tremendous day that you will soon yourself discover in the air of today’s auspicious event.

Anchor 2: Yes, definitely. But our first and foremost duty on the behalf of our respected principal and school family is to welcome you all. So, esteemed guests, respected parents and dear students, we warmly welcome you all to our independence day celebration.

Anchor 1: we feel honored to have Mr./ Ms. (name of the guest) with us. Sr./ Ma’am, you hardly need any introduction, you have made us all glad and proud by your presence.

Anchor 2: Moving forward, permit us to start our program.
Hey, do you feel something different like the beating of the drum and the melodious music in the air?

Anchor 1: yes, definitely.

Anchor 2: you all got it right. It is time for the little cute fairies’ performance. To call them upon, please, put your hands together.

(after the performance)

Anchor 1: wow!

Anchor 2: It was definitely a lovely performance!

Anchor 1: Hey, by the way, what was your favorite part of the performance.

Anchor 2: Hmm, I guess mine was the melodious and the divine music. And how about yours?

Anchor 1: I am afraid mine was the cute little fairies.

Anchor 2: So, mine was.

Anchor 1: Now, everyone it is time to hold your breaths because our senior students have made a drama to rewind the past memories.

Anchor 2: For that purpose, we’d love to call them upon the stage by your clapping.

(after the performance)

Anchor 2: It was indeed a spectacular performance and fine illustration of the true struggle to get independence and life of liberty.

Anchor 1: Definitely. And now it is time for one of our best debaters to uncover the true motives of our ancestors’ day-night struggle.

Anchor 2: Then, put your hands together for (name of the speaker).

(after the debate)

Anchor 2: Undoubtedly, appreciable.

Anchor 1: Well, I think we should have a change and bother the great personalities to here and say a few words as an inspiration for us. Shouldn’t we?

Anchor 2: Yes, sure.

 Anchor 1: So, ladies and gentlemen. It is time to call upon our esteemed principle and sculptor of human character. (standing and clapping)

(after his speech)

Anchor 2: Thank you, sir.

Anchor 1: We from the core appreciate your hard work, devotion, and dedication for this Institute.


Anchor 2: There are times when it is hard to say goodbye but we need to. Yes, it is time to wrap up and drive back to the theater of normal, daily life.

Anchor 1: But before that. Let us thank you all for your presence and wish you once again the very happy independence day in addition to that a very happy, peaceful, and successful life ahead. 

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