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Comparing script for Independence day of Armenia

In Armenia, independence day is an official holiday. It commemorates the restoration of the Republic of Armenia after 70 years of Soviet rule. It is celebrated on 21 September 1991. This day is celebrated by the military parade, festivals, songs, dance and so on. The article below covers the Comparing Script for Independence Day of Armenia to help you commemorate this day on school and college functions.

Comparing Script for Independence Day of Armenia
Comparing Script for Independence Day For Armenia

Comparing Script for Independence Day of Armenia


Anchor 1: Hello and good morning everyone. How beautiful is this day; it holds the freedom and liberty in the air along with love, peace, and humanity.

Anchor 2: Today we all have gathered here to commemorate freedom and rewind those ages of struggle and devotion. So, it’s me (name) and

Anchor 1: me (name), your hosts for today.

Anchor 2: As the tradition of Armenia, first, it is important to commence with the national anthem and the flag ceremony. Thus, we would like you all to have a stand for that purpose.

(after that)

Anchor 1:  Thank you, everybody.

Anchor 2: On the behalf of our school family, we would love to welcome you all; president of the occasion, honorable guests, dear parents and our lovely students, we are pleased to have you all here with us today.

Anchor 1: Now we would like to hand over the stage to our little ones whose souls are standing ajar, ready to welcome you and the ecstatic experience with you all.

Anchor 2: So put your hands together for them, please.

(after the performance)

Anchor 1: Welcome back! It was a very cute and sweet performance by our sweet little fairies.

Anchor 2: How about you people, did you enjoy?

Anchor 1: It seems you had a great time.

Anchor 2: Freedom is never dear at any cost
It is the breath of life

                           –Mahatma Gandhi

Anchor 1: 1991 the year of struggle, year of sacrifice and the year of liberty! Now (name of the speaker) is going to take you back to that year by his powerful thoughts about the history of this country. So, a round of applause for him.

(after the speech)

Anchor 2: Thank you, (name of the speaker) for your thoughts.

Anchor 1: Now hold your breath because it is time for magic, time for drama and it is time for reality. Because drama is what created to show the reality of life in a shaped version because of life, in reality, is so messy and the stage is what where most of the wondrous magic of life happens.

Anchor 2: So, kindly appreciate them.

(after the drama)

Anchor 1: Thank you guys for such an entertaining and outstanding performance.

Anchor 2:  Yes, I do. He was Mr. Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Anchor 2: Yes, that is right. So, guys, it is time to see how informative you are in case of our history and country.

Anchor 1: So, are you ready? Let’s start and best of luck.

(after the quiz)

Anchor 2: Thank you, all but you need to work hard on your history.

Anchor 1: It is time for the sculptor of human character and our esteemed principle to say a few words on the stage.

Anchor 2: Put your hands together for him.

(after his speech)

Anchor 1: We appreciate your hard work and dedication, sir.


Anchor 2: It is, unfortunately, time to say good bye. Well, it was actually a great day and time with you all.

Anchor 1:  At the end, we wish you all health, peace, prosperity, and love. And thanks for being with us.

Both anchors: Happy independence day to all of you!


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