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Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence day

History of the Portuguese restoration of Independence

The first king through the Treaty of Zamora was D. Afonso Henriques; from 1143 to 1557, Portugal was an independent kingdom. In 1557,  D. João III, the fifteenth king of Portugal, died and his only descendant was his grandson  D. Sebastião. He actually had nine children who all died before his own death, so at the end, he only had his grandson. Hence, after the death of his grandfather, D. Sebastião became the sixteenth king of Portugal when he was only three years old.  Later, when he was 24 years old and unmarried; without any descendant, he went and disappeared in battle in Africa. And once more, Portugal was left without any king, but Portuguese never lost their hope; they waited for their king to return but he never did.

After the death of D. Sebastião the sixteenth King 

Unfortunately, his successor was Cardinal, D. Henrique; he was 66 years old and unmarried, so he could not have any descendant after him, too. Then, two years later, he also died. After his death, king Filipe II of Spain overtook Portugal and in 1581, he was elected as the king of Portugal. After his 60 years of rule, Portuguese were tired of their king and Spain. So, Portuguese nobles came forward to put this situation to an end. Finally, in 1640, they managed to end this kingdom. Then, the great-great-grandson of the King D. Manuel III, D. João Duque de Bragança, was claimed the new king of Portugal after all the efforts.

Therefore, Portuguese celebrate their restoration of independence day on 1 December yearly. Moreover, the holiday was removed as the public holiday in 2012 as part of austerity measures but was restored on 2016. In order to celebrate this restoration in your schools and colleges, I have brought you the Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence day.


Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence day
Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence day

Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence day

Anchor 1: Hello and good evening Portugal. We hope everybody here is feeling healthy and wealthy enough.

Anchor 2: Today, on December 1st, we all have gathered here to celebrate the restoration of independence day of Portugal and present our warm thanks to those all noblemen who worked so hard and laid their lives to make the restoration possible.

Anchor 1: With that being said, I on behalf (name of the second anchor), our principle (name of the principle), and the whole school family want to welcome you all from the core of our hearts. Especially, thanks to the sculptor of humanity and our chief guest Mr. (name of the guest). We warmly welcome you, sir.

National Anthem

Anchor 1: Freedom in mind, faith in the words, pride in our hearts, and memories in our souls, let’s stand up for the national anthem and solute those noblemen who made it possible to once again breath in liberty.

Anchor 2: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome Tableau

Anchor 1: I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is so profound to find for words, because it is the hidden language of the soul.

Moving forwards, we would call upon our little fairies on the stage to welcome you all by their mesmerizing dance performance.

Anchor 2: It was a fantastic performance. Therefore, our little fairies deserve to be appreciated once more.

Anchor 1: Thank you, everyone.


Anchor 2: Ladies and gentlemen, the nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of brave. So, let’s salute to the soldiers who risk their lives for our country, and to the ones who make our country proud.

We would like to call upon (name of the speaker) for his speech about all those noblemen who made us feel proud of being a part of such a glorious nation. So, put your hands together for him.

Anchor 1: Thank you, (name of the speaker).


Anchor 1: I hope you all are not getting bored because now it is time for the theater world, time for drama. Because real life is so messy and drama is the shaped version of real life.

Anchor 2: To appreciate our performers, give a round of applause for them.

Anchor 1: Thank you, guys, for such a great and outstanding performance and illustration.

Calling principle on the stage

Anchor 2: Hold your breaths because it is time to bother the person without whom it was impossible to make sure quality education in our institute. We all appreciate his hard work, honesty, and dedication towards this school/college.

Anchor 1: Please, sir.

After his speech

Anchor 2: Thank you, sir.

Anchor 1: Ladies and gentlemen, the most significant gift you can give your children, are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

Again, thanks for joining us and most importantly giving us your precious time. Moreover, once more, happy independence to all of you, Portuguese. Wish you luck, happiness, peace, health, and prosperity.

So, this was Comparing Script for the Portuguese restoration of the Independence Day. Please, feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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