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Higher Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test

The article below contains information about 3D printing meanwhile a higher intermediate reading comprehension test for English as a Second Language students. Read the paragraphs thoroughly and answer the questions mentioned below.

Higher Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test
Higher Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test

Higher Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test

3D Printing

3D printing is a recent technological innovation that has started making its way into the marketplace.  It is a way of
making three-dimensional objects from computer models. 3D printing works by adding together layers of material.   This sequence is repeated until the layers form a shape that people can use for almost any purpose. The almost unlimited potential of 3D printing is quickly leading to a revolution in how things are made and manufactured.   As with most technology, 3D printing may help to create things that could benefit humanity. However, it could also be used to create things that could harm other people.

One of the promising aspects of 3D printing is that it may help doctors treat patients in need. Currently, 3D printing is being used to create prostheses that help replace missing noses and eyeballs. Being able to print prostheses at a local hospital significantly cuts down on the usual wait time for a new prosthesis. Dentists are also using 3D printers to create custom toothbrushes for patients’ unique set of teeth.  The toothbrush matches the specific grooves and indents of a person’s teeth, which means that they get a much cleaner mouth than with regular toothbrushes.  Many scientists see the potential for 3D printing to create replacement organs for people who need organ transplants.   This would save lives as it eliminates the need for such patients to wait for an organ donor.

Although many people believe 3D printing is a positive technology that could help humanity, it may also open a can of worms. There is a recent controversy about the ability of 3D printing to produce military hardware such as guns.   Recently, one organization released the plans needed to produce a 3D plastic gun. Anyone with the proper technology and with the determination to make a gun could potentially do so. Will the future of 3D printing provide hope or danger to humanity?

1. According to the article, how does 3D printing work?

  • a) it helps companies enter the marketplace
  • b) it adds together layers of material together to make a shape
  • c) it uses three-dimensional objects to make computer models
  • d) it uses printers to make different models of computers

2. The word “sequence” in paragraph 1 could be replaced with:

  • a) pattern
  • b) collection
  • c) conclusion
  • d) adjustment

3. The word “revolution” in paragraph 1 could be replaced with:

  • a) transformation
  • b) stagnation
  • c) confusion
  • d) rebellion

4. The phrase “cuts down” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to:

  • a) reduce
  • b) return
  • c) destroy
  • d) lengthen

5. According to the article, what is one example of a thing that can be made with 3D printers?

  • a) computers
  • b) marketplaces
  • c) toothbrushes
  • d) organizations

6. According to the article, what is one potential future benefit of 3D printing?

  • a) it can make a toothbrush
  • b) it can create controversy
  • c) it may help to prevent deaths
  • d) it could produce computers

7. The word “eliminates” in paragraph 2 could be replaced with:

  • a) removes
  • b) increases
  • c) destroys
  • d) dismisses

8. It can be inferred from paragraph 2 that

  • a) there are huge possibilities for the use of 3D printing in the field of medical science
  • b) current techniques used by dentists are totally inadequate
  • c) one promising aspect of 3D printing is that it may help to train more doctors
  • d) more trees will have to be cut down if developments in 3D printing continue

9. The word “proper” in paragraph 3 could be replaced with:

  • a) moral
  • b) through
  • c) polite
  • d) appropriate

10. The word “potentially” in paragraph 3 could be replaced with:

  • a) easily
  • b) possibly
  • c) definitely
  • d) worryingly

11. Paragraph 3 is about:

  • a) the controversial aspects of 3D printing
  • b) how to make a gun by using 3D printing
  • c) why 3D printers are dangerous tools
  • d) the growing demand for 3D printing

12. It can be inferred from the article that

  • a) it is not yet known whether the benefits of 3D printing will outweigh the dangers
  • b) the majority of companies will start to use 3D printing technology in the future
  • c) soldiers will benefit enormously from advances in 3D printing
  • d) the government will probably ban 3D printing because it is too dangerous

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