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How to Improve Your Writing Skills in English

How to Improve Your Writing in English
How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Whether you are a school student, college or university writing is perhaps the most important part of the curriculum. Students are trained to write competently because most jobs require one to do it in some capacity and it utilizes one’s intelligence, education, and critical-thinking skills. Hence, I have written 12 tips on how to improve your writing in English. Follow the tips below and enhance your writing skills.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills in English

1.Proofread and rewrite

Keep your dictionary and thesaurus nearby and read your work aloud if possible. When you verbalize your words, you can sometimes pick out things that do not sound right and correct them.

2. Ask someone to check it out for you

Ask someone with good grammar skills to read over your work and point out any difficulties or awkward passages so that you can correct them.

3. Accept criticism happily

No one likes knowing they are doing something wrong, but in this instance, it is how you will grow as a writer. Thank people who point out problem areas and suggest ways.

4. Watch movies and TV

Watching television and movies is a great way to pick up idioms and common slang terms of the language.

5. Keep things simple

No need to be completely obsessed with little nuances of the language, so keep things simple and straightforward.

6. Talk to native English speakers

Have conversations with friends and acquaintances and watch them as they speak for mannerisms and patterns. Ask for help: you will be surprised that they are more than happy to give you the assistance you need.

7. Read in English as often as possible

You should read English language blogs, books, and newspapers frequently. Not only will you learn about many new topics, but also you will be reinforcing proper grammar and sentence structure. If you see anything you do not understand, look it up right away, or make a note to check it out later. You might also consider keeping a journal of these words to consult on occasion.

8. Be patient and persistent

Do not give up, because the more you practice, the better your writing will be. Eventually, you will write so well that no one will have a clue that you ever had an issue.

9. Translate things

Find short and easy texts in your native language and manually translate them to English, allowing one of your native English-speaking friends to check them out and comment on them for you.

10. Use connectives

connectives make your writing more powerful and help the reader move smoothly from one point to the next. Remember to use connectives to make your ideas flow and to improve the structure of your writing.

11. Chat with English speakers

Learning to think in English is an important step toward perfecting your skills, and by chatting online, you must quickly respond to questions asked of you.

12. Practice

Eventually, the most important factor in improving your writing skills is practicing. The more you practice the better writer you will become. Writing and making a lot of mistakes is better than not practicing and writing every day. Keep on practice, practice and practice.

If you know any tips and tricks which can help to improve writing please type them by using the comment section below.

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