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Active and Passive Voice Quiz with Answers

Whether it is learning English as a second language or it is your mother tongue, learning and practicing its grammar and basic rules are a must. One of the most confusing grammar is the active and passive voice for students. However, it is very easy to learn if you know the basic rules. If you do not know, you can check it here. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an active and passive voice quiz with answers to practice or test yourself on this topic, you can attempt changing the sentences into passive voice yourself then compare your answers with the given answers below.

Active and Passive Voice Quiz with Answers

  1. Did the children break the window of the classroom?
  2. The boy with the blue shirt stole the book you had given me.
  3. My grandfather had painted the portrait of my grandmother.
  4. I will never forget my trip to Ziarat.
  5. Was she beating you?
  6. My mother is baking a cake in the kitchen.
  7. They will rebuild the entire block.
  8. He had written a thesis paper.
  9. Did Sara draw this circle?
  10. John gives a bar of chocolate to Ali.
  11. The boss showed the new computer to Naina.
  12. Has she completed her duty?
  13. Get out of the classroom.
  14. Let him do his type your assignment.
  15. Clean your room before the guests arrive.
  16. Do not smoke in the building.
  17. Shut the classroom door.
  18. Please help her with her assignment.
  19. She has edited the document you had sent.
  20. She learns all the lessons very quickly.
  21. The young police officer knocked out the thief.
  22. The police arrested the suspect.
  23. My mother cleans the kitchen.
  24. The chairperson of our department asked the students to watch the orientation video.
  25. The police found the evidence with the help of the witness.
  26. The old man donated his entire wealth to the orphans.
  27. My uncle writes screenplays.
  28. The man had to carry the sofa upstairs all by himself.
  29. Mr. Green translated the ancient book.
  30. The teacher will quiz us on the given topic next Monday.
  31. You will have to do this exercise.
  32. Unknown people built the mansion in the late 18s.
  33. The truck has hit the blue car.
  34. He is trying to solve the problem.
  35. Shakespeare has influenced many writers.
  36. Your carelessness caused the fire in the building.
  37. The architect designed the building.
  38. We have to finish the report before the deadline.
  39. I will have invited you to the party if you were in town.
  40. I will tell you a secret.
  41. The dog had bitten the man.
  42. I was cleaning the dishes when you came into the kitchen.
  43. The young graduate almost made a remarkable discovery.
  44. She won the first prize in the competition.
  45. We will pay them by the end of this week.
  46. They are making a new movie.
  47. I will introduce you to her today.
  48. The students in the assembly are singing the national anthem.
  49. I make the bed every morning.
  50. Will you write the essay?

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  1. Was the window of the classroom broken by children?
  2. The book you had given me was stolen by the boy with the blue shirt.
  3. The portrait of my grandmother had been painted by my grandfather.
  4. My trip to Ziarat will never be forgotten by me.
  5. My trip to Ziarat will never be forgotten by me.
  6. A cake is being baked by my mother.
  7. Will the entire block be rebuilt by them?
  8. A thesis paper had been written by him.
  9. Was this circle drawn by Sara?
  10. Ali is given a chocolate bar by John.
  11. The new computer was shown to Naina by the boss.
  12. Has her duty been completed by her?
  13. You are ordered to get out of the classroom.
  14. Let your assignment be typed by him.
  15. Let your room be cleaned before the guests arrive.
  16. You are requested not to smoke in the building.
  17. Let the classroom door be shut.
  18. You are requested to help her with her assignment.
  19. The document you had sent has been edited by her.
  20. All the lessons are learned very quickly by her.
  21. The thief was knocked out by the young police.
  22. The suspect was arrested by the police.
  23. The kitchen is cleaned by my mother.
  24. The students were asked to watch the orientation video by the chairperson of our department.
  25. The evidence was found by the police with the help of the witness.
  26. His entire wealth was donated to the orphans by the old man.
  27. Screenplays are written by my uncle.
  28. The sofa had to be carried upstairs by the man all by himself.
  29. The ancient book was translated by Mr. Green.
  30. We will be quizzed on the given topic by the teacher next Monday.
  31. This exercise will have to be done by you.
  32. The mansion was built in the late 18s by known people.
  33. The blue car has been hit by the truck.
  34. The problem is trying to be solved by him.
  35. Many writers have been influenced by Shakespeare.
  36. The fire was caused by your carelessness in the building.
  37. The building was designed by the architect.
  38. The report has to be finished before the deadline.
  39. You would have been invited to the party if you were in town.
  40. You would be told a secret.
  41. The man had been bitten by the dog.
  42. The dishes were being cleaned when you came into the kitchen.
  43. A remarkable discovery was almost made by the young graduate.
  44. The first prize was won by her in the competition.
  45. They will be paid by the end of this week.
  46. A new movie is being made by them.
  47. You will be introduced to her today.
  48. The national anthem is being sung by the students in the assembly.
  49. The bed is made every morning by me.
  50. Will the essay be written by you?

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