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Active and Passive Voice Exercise With Answers

Active and Passive Voice Exercise
Active and Passive Voice Exercise

We use passive voice when we do not know who the subject is, or it is not important who the subject is or when it is obvious to the listener or reader who the subject is because it is the person who usually does it.  When we give more importance to the object of the sentences rather than the subject, we use passive voice. Below we have prepared active and passive voice exercises for ESL students. Attempt the following exercise, then compare your answers with the correct answers given below.

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Active and Passive Voice Exercise

Change the active sentences below into passive sentences. Write “No change” if you think sentences cannot be changed.

  1. She writes a letter.
  2. They go to school every day.
  3. He doesn`t paint the wall.
  4. Why are you crying?
  5. Did the mechanic fix your car?
  6. You should do your homework.
  7. Don`t talk so loudly.
  8. They are painting their house.
  9. We have drunk milk tea.
  10. Will you watch TV tonight?
  11. I am not going to work today.
  12. He has been teaching English for ten years.
  13. When are you going to buy a car?
  14. Who taught you the active and passive sentences?
  15. She had cleaned the kitchen.
  16. We will have eaten dinner by the time you get there.
  17. People speak English in the USA.
  18. Would you rather learn English or French?
  19. You must not come late to class.
  20. She has to pass the test.
  21. He bought his son a book.
  22. Bismo teaches us every day.
  23. Who is your teacher?
  24. Who fights the coalition forces?
  25. Who have you invited to the party?
  26. I`ll build a hospital if I have a million dollars.
  27. If I had had a million dollars, I would have built a big mosque.
  28. We will be playing cricket at this time tomorrow.
  29. Aren’t they going to be building a house?
  30. It has been raining since yesterday.
  31. The explosion had killed many people.
  32. I have never been to Egypt.
  33. Have you been digging out the ground since morning?
  34. I will have written a poem by the time you call me.
  35. The heavy storm damaged a lot of crops in Mumbai.
  36. I was playing football yesterday.
  37. Could you help me, please?
  38. Who can answer my question?
  39. Will she have been watering the garden?
  40. Milad is helping me solving the active and passive voice exercise.


  1. A letter is written by her.
  2. Not Change.
  3. The wall isn’t painted by him.
  4. Intransitive verb (Crying)
  5. Was your car fixed by the mechanic?
  6. Your homework should be done by you.
  7. Intransitive verb (talk)
  8. Their house is being painted.
  9. Milk tea has been drunk.
  10. Will TV be watched by you?
  11. Not change.
  12. English has been taught by him for ten years.
  13. When is a car going to be bought by you?
  14. By whom were you taught the active and passive sentences?
  15. The kitchen had been cleaned.
  16. Dinner will have been eaten by the time you get there.
  17. English is spoken in the USA.
  18. Would English or French rather be learned by you?
  19. You are ordered not to come late to class.
  20. The test has to be passed by her.
  21. His son was bought a book by him.
  22. We are taught every day by Bismo.
  23. No change.
  24. By whom were the coalition forces fought?
  25. Who has been invited to the party?
  26. A hospital will be built if I have a million dollars.
  27. If I had had a million dollars, a big mosque would have been built.
  28. Cricket will be played at this time tomorrow by us.
  29. Isn’t a house be going to be built by them?
  30. No change.
  31. Many people had been killed by the explosion.
  32. No change.
  33. No change.
  34. A poem will have been written by me by the time you call me.
  35. A lot of crops were damaged by the heavy rain in Mumbai.
  36. Football was being played yesterday by me.
  37. Could I be helped, please?
  38. By whom my answer can be answered?
  39. No change.
  40. I am being helped by Milad to solve the active and passive voice exercises.

Exercise 02:

active and passive voice quiz with answers
active and passive voice quiz with answers

Change the following sentences from Active Voice into Passive Voice and write your answers in the comment section below.

  1. The chef prepares a delicious meal every evening.
  2. People speak English in many countries around the world.
  3. The company will launch a new product next month.
  4. The teacher assigned homework to the students yesterday.
  5. We are planting flowers in the garden this weekend.
  6. The mechanic fixed my car last week.
  7. The storm damaged several houses in the neighborhood.
  8. The students are studying for their exams in the library.
  9. The police arrested the suspect yesterday.
  10. Someone will deliver the package to your house tomorrow.

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Active and Passive Voice Quiz with Answers

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