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How to Use There is And There Are in English

There is And There Are

There is and there are, are used to talk about existence or state of being.

There is:

Use there is before a singular noun.

With countable singular nouns:

  • There is a beautiful mosque in our village.
  • There is an intelligent girl in our class.

With uncountable nouns:

  • There is little water in the bottle.
  • There is too much dust in Texas city.

There are:

Use there are before countable plural nouns.

  • There are ten students in our class.
  • There are two pens in my packet.

Negative sentences:

  • There is not/isn’t enough salt in the dish.
  • There are not/aren`t any skyscrapers in Texas.


  • Is there any money left in your packet?
  • Were there any survivors in the plane crash?

Negative interrogatives:

  • Is there not anyone in the office today?
  • Are there not any computers defective in your class?


  • Isn`t there anyone in the office today?
  • Aren`t there any computers defective in your class?

How to Use There is And There Are With WH Question Words:

  • How many airplanes are there in the USA air force? There are very few.
  • How many skyscrapers are there in Cydney city? There are many.
  • How much water is there in Texas River? There is a lot this summer.

Exercise 1.

  1. ____________ five pens in the box.
  2. ____________many baby lions near their parents.
  3. ____________many monkeys in the trees.
  4. ____________an elephant in the zoo.
  5. ____________four chairs in the room.
  6. ____________a telephone in the bedroom.
  7. ____________seven days in a week.
  8. ____________a car in the garage.
  9. ____________a cat in the bedroom.
  10. ____________two tables in the kitchen.
  11. ____________some books on the table.
  12. ____________many birds in that tree.
  13. ____________a magazine on the floor.
  14. ____________many animals in the zoo.
  15. ____________a snake in the window.
  16. ____________a zebra in the grass.
  17. ____________lions in the zoo, too.
  18. ____________a bird next to the tre
  19. ____________few students who don’t know how to use there is and there are.
  20. ____________some water in the glass.


  1. There are
  2. There are
  3. There are
  4. There is
  5. There are
  6. There is
  7. There are
  8. There is
  9. There is
  10. There are
  11. There are
  12. There are
  13. There is
  14. There are
  15. There is
  16. There is
  17. There are
  18. There is
  19. There are
  20. There is

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