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Indefinite Pronoun Exercises With Answers

If you are an ESL teacher and searching for indefinite pronoun exercises, then you are on the right path. Here we have prepared indefinite pronoun exercises with answers for ESL teachers or students. Attempt the following exercises then compare your answers with the answers given in the article below.

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Indefinite Pronoun Exercises

Exercise 1:

Choose the correct indefinite pronouns and write them in the blanks with the correct capitalization.

1- Does _____________________ know the meaning of plagiarism in this class? (anyone/nobody)
2- Is there ____________________ eligible for the scholarship to the U.S.A? (someone/anybody)
3- ___________________ should be careless about the law. (someone/no one)
4- If you kill someone from Hazara tribe, they won`t let you stay alive_______________________in the world. (anywhere/everywhere)
5- The little girl broke the window, but her mother said __________ to her. (everything/nothing)
6- For a real Muslim,_______________ should be more important than the love of Holy Allah and his messenger prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
7- __________ knows exactly what is going on in our country nowadays. (No one/Nowhere)

Exercise 2:

The exercise below is purposely done wrong for you. You are expected to do it over the right way. Write the correct indefinite pronoun in front of each sentence.

1) Don’t blame yourself for the mistake. Somebody is perfect.
2) There is nothing in your hair. I think it is a bug.
3) I will search and find you now here you go. You can’t escape from me.
4) Our holiday was perfect. Nothing went as we wished.
5) Anywhere is safe from the flu. We can’t escape.
6) He didn’t say nothing useful. All nonsense.
7) I would like to have nothing to drink, please.
8) The police found the murder weapon everywhere near the hut in the woods.
9) Can everybody hear me? Is there out there?
10) I will do nothing for you. You are my best friend.
11) Why are you looking at me so angrily? I didn’t do nothing wrong.
12) Look I’ve found anything interesting here. Oh! It’s a button.
13) Everything we did to rescue the dog was useful. It died.
14) I would like to go nowhere peaceful during my holiday.
15) Say nothing . Don’t just look me in the eyes meaningfully.
16) My dictionary was on the desk. Everybody has taken it.
17) She did anything. She just slept all day long.
18) There is everything I can’t tell you. I will keep it as a secret all my life.
19) He was so helpful. He helped nearly somebody in the village.


Exercise 1. Exercise 2. Exercise 2.
1. anyone 1. No one 11. anything
2. anybody 2. something 12. something
3. No one 3. wherever 13. whatever
4. anywhere 4. everything 14. somewhere
5. nothing 5. Nowhere 15. something
6. nothing 6. anything 16. someone
7. No one 7. something 16. nothing
8. nowhere 18. something
9. anybody 19. everybody
10 everything

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