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Online Business Degree – Best Online Bachelor’s Program in 2024

Deciding to get a bachelor’s degree in Business? Well, a bachelor’s degree on its own has many benefits for an individual. If one has a four years bachelor’s degree, he may have more career choices. Besides, a four years bachelor’s degree also showcases the person’s perseverance and dedication that a company considers a valuable asset. Nevertheless, a bachelor’s degree in business has a lot more advantages. Because a bachelor’s degree facilitates students with business skills, communication skills, persuasion skills, and knowledge that are high in demand in the professional world. Hence if you are looking forward to having a bachelor’s business degree but can not join a physical school, an online school would be best for you. With that being said, here is a list to help you find the best online business degree for you.

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Why You should get an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business?

A business degree has been a goal amongst undergraduate students. However, due to many reasons, some students fail to get to their goals. It can be an accessibility issue, affordability, and many more. Sounds relatable? You do not need to worry.

Because there are various universities around the world that provide bachelor’s degrees in business online. And here are a few reasons why you should get an online bachelor’s degree.

01. Accessibility

One of the best advantages of an online degree is that it provides accessibility to undergrad students. You can get admission to any college or university that best suits you. For instance, you can choose the university that has the least entrance requirements, offers fewer course loads, and are less costly.

02. Flexibility

Besides accessibility, an online bachelor’s degree also offers students flexibility. So, students can take classes and study any time they can. This is especially best for those who have to work to afford their academic expenses. So, students can schedule their study routine as per their desire.

03. Program Variety

One of the best things about an online business degree and any degree, in general, is that you can find the best course for you without even moving out to another country. You can look for a program that offers courses that best suits your interest and goals.

04. Affordability

Most online degrees are less costly than on-campus degrees. But this is not the only way to save money. Students can save money on travel and more.

Online Business Degree in USA – Best Online Bachelor’s Program in USA

Even though we rely on the internet for many things including chatting with friends and family, banking, news, and much more, we still feel hesitant when it comes to getting a degree online. But thanks to the universities offering online degrees for their well-designed curriculum and best teaching methods.

So, if you are deciding to pursue an online business degree, here are some best ones. But before that, check out the following link to find out some amazing benefits of earning a business degree online.

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Benefits of Earning a Business Degree Online

1. Franklin University

With an online enrollment of 80%, Franklin University offers a bachelor’s degree in a variety of fields including health sciences and business. It was founded in 1927. Franklin University was initially founded as a Little Rock Junior College. It became a stand-alone private university in 1950 until it became a part of the University of Arkansas System in 1969.

Now it offers more than 100 undergraduate and more than 60graduate degrees and enrolls over 12,000 students in undergraduate, graduate, and many professional programs. Besides, it is home to many research centers including the center for nanotechnology integrative services.

So, if you want to get an online degree, Franklin University offers a BS in Administration for students learning remotely. As a student, you will have to complete a 124 credit degree through classes that last about 6 to 12 weeks. Meanwhile, you will develop skills in finance, business, corporate responsibility, and marketing.

In addition, students also have to pass different courses including writing, algebra, and more to level up their classes.

Check: Franklin University’s Online Business Degrees

2. Campbellsville University

The second school in our list of best online business degrees is Campbellsville University which is in the top 50 most affordable Christian Colleges in the US. It has a graduation rate of 36% with a 77% online enrollment rate. And it offers 11 different bachelor’s programs including Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice Administration, General Business, and more.

Students who have decided to earn an online degree in Business Administration at Campbellsville University have to complete 120 credits through classes that last about 8 weeks. The program aims to prepare students with the knowledge and skills that can help them become business leaders.

To get an online admission, you have to complete the online registration form and add your college transcript and a record of all the courses that you have previously taken. Then, once you get an online degree from Campbellsville University, you can apply your knowledge in different career options including finance manager, project manager, customer success manager, and more.

Check: Campbellsville University’s Online Business Degree

3. Liberty University

With an online enrollment rate of 92%, Liberty University offers online degrees in many programs including Business. If you have decided to pursue an online business degree, Liberty University’s online degree in business is aimed to help you master skills that will need in the both domestic and global marketplace once you graduate.

Besides, with the Business Administration degree from Liberty University, you can master valuable skills in accounting, finance, business, and marketing. Besides, it will also help you enhance your leadership, management, and human resource skills in order to prepare you for the real business world.

To complete a business degree from Liberty university online, you will have to complete 120 credits through eight weeks-long 100% online classes.

Check: Liberty University’s Online Business Degree

4. University of Alaska Southeast

The University of Alaska Southeast has a 66% online enrollment rate and a 26% graduation rate. It offers an online degree in many fields including business administration. And its business administration program aims to prepare students for the job market with ease.

The bachelor’s program requires at least 120 credits while emphasizing some specific areas more including General Business and Accounting.

So, if you have decided to get a bachelor’s degree online from the University of Alaska Southeast, you need a 3.0 GPA from your high school and 30 or 60 college credits with a 2.0 GPA at least.

Check: University of Alaska Southeast Online Business Degree

5. McKendree University

McKendree University offers online bachelor’s degrees in many fields including Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology or Criminal Justice, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Management, Cyber Defence, and many more.

The Business Administration program at Mckendree University is the most flexible program offered by Mckendree University in their business division. The aim of the program is to enhance students’ career opportunities and business knowledge. So, if you have you want to pursue a business degree at Mckendree University, you will be glad to know that MU offers entirely online classes through their course management system.

Moreover, you can take classes during eight-week-long sessions. The main classes are business of accounting, quantitative analysis for business decisions, and more.

Check: McKendree University’s Online Business Degree

6. University of Florida

The University of Florida is a public institution and has been offering online bachelor’s degree programs since early 2002. Most of the online programs feature recorded lectures. So students can access them any time they want. Besides, it is one of the most important things that the University of Florida promises to give the same faculty to both online and on-campus students with a wide range of facilities including research, study abroad, and internships.

Courses are recorded and taught by the same faculties that also teach on campus. In addition to that, students studying online also get facilitated with dedicated advisors who are always ready to provide support and guidance to any student throughout their academic journey.

In 2024 alone, there have been 3,809 students enrolled in the bachelor’s program. So, if you are planning to get a bachelor’s degree from the University of Flordia Online, you will be glad to know that according to World Report 2024, the University of Florida ranks No 2 for best online bachelor’s degree in the Business program by U.S. News.

In addition to Business program for bachelor’s, the University of Florida also offers online bachelor’s degrees in other fields of study such as Mass Communication, Business, and Economic Geography, Anthropology, Computer Science, Digital Arts and Sciences, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Psychology and many more.

Check: University of Floria’s Online Business Degree

7. Loyola University Chicago

Loyala University Chicago is a private university and has been offering online bachelor’s degrees since 2011. Their bachelor’s degrees are designed in a way that aims to prepare students with knowledge and skills that are required in work-life.

Besides, their business degree aims to promote leadership, applied management, and critical thinking skills in the students whether learning online or on campus. The program is designed in an eight-week-long format and offers a comprehensive approach to the study of business management.

Check: Loyola University Chicago’s Online Business Program

8. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

With an online rate of 54% and 43% graduation rate, the University of Arkansas aims to prepare students to become human resource specialists, general managers, or operation managers. And gives students essential business knowledge and aims to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

To get a degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, you have to complete 120 credits. So, if you have decided to join UA Little Rock, you have to have a 2.25 GPA and college-level knowledge and coursework in composition and algebra.

The classes go about 7 weeks covering accounting, business analysis, microeconomics, and management. Besides, students can also take electives and general education.

Moreover, students getting an online degree can get online access to bookstores, libraries, and help centers for communication, writing, and math.

Check: the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Online Business Degree

9. Brenau University

Brenau University has an online enrollment of 60% while the graduation rate at Brenau University is 46%. It is a private university and provides online degrees in different fields including Psychology, Health care, Business, and many more.

To complete an online bachelor’s degree at Brenau University, students have to complete 120 credits. And the online classes at Brenau University provide comprehensive business knowledge and background while giving an opportunity to specialize in your field through electives.

Besides, the program aims to prepare students for the modern business market. And online students can access all the resources including library, IT help, math centers, and writing help. To get admission to an online bachelor’s degree, students require a 2.75 GPA or 30 transferable college credits.

Check: Brenau University’s Online Business Degree

10. New Mexico State University-Main Campus

The New Mexico State University has a graduation rate of 48% and an online enrollment rate of 44%. It offers online bachelor’s degrees in many fields of study including, Criminal Justice, Journalism and Media Studies, General Business, Information systems, Marketing, Geomatics, and many more.

The online bachelor’s degree in Business focuses on two major areas of study including information systems and Marketing. Besides, the electives include accounting, statistics, enterprise resource planning, and strategic management.

And to complete an online bachelor’s degree in New Mexico State University, you have to complete 120 credits. Besides, students can take part in faculty research projects and internships. So, if you have decided to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in Business at New Mexico University, you should at least have a 2.75 GPA, a 1060 SAT score, or 21 ACT.

Check: New Mexico State University-Main Campus’s Online Business Degree

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