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How to Write Sick Leave Application in English | Format, And Samples for School, College, And Office

Writing a formal sick leave application is essential for getting a leave when you are under the weather. Formally students of the school, college, or an employee address an application letter to their principal, supervisors, or manager to get leave when they are not feeling well and unable to attend a class or got to the office.

Sometimes you might not get approved only by writing an application letter expressing the reason behind it. You might be asked to submit a leave application for medical leave office if you are not feeling well and the doctor has advised you to have a rest. Informing the administration or your supervisor beforehand will have a good impact on them, in addition, they would be able to manage the task with other employees.

Being a student when you want a sick leave, you need to inform your class teacher or school principal for your absence in the class. this way the school authorities will be aware of your absence.

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How to Write Sick Leave Application in English

Nowadays some offices have a digital leave application format, when an employee wants to apply for sick leave, they can directly do it through the company portal. When you don’t have that service, and you need to write a sick leave application, here we are giving you the best and formal format of application for sick leave in school, college, or office.

Make sure that you write the application in a polite and formal manner that should represent the request for leave and your application should be concise and to the point. If you are the parent writing a sick leave application for your children, then you should state your relationship. Eventually check the application for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation marks.

What Points Should You Add in Sick Leave Application

  • Greetings to the concerned person (Principal/Supervisor/Manager)
  • The subject of the application
  • Reason for leave and number of days for leave
  • Details of your work satisfaction (if you are an employee)
  • Your contact information
  • Your name and signature

Sample Sick Leave Application to Principal by Parents in English

The Principal……….
School Name…….
Subject: Sick Leave Application for School/College

Dear Sir/Madam

With due regard, I want to inform you that my son/daughter (name here) is a student of class (class name here) of your school/college. Due to some health issue, my son/daughter is admitted to the hospital (hospital name here) and is recommended to be in the doctor’s surveil for three days. My wife is taking care of him/her here in the hospital and we can’t send him/her to the school.

Therefore, I request you to please comprehend our condition and grant my child leave for (mention number of days here) from (beginning date to end date). I am including a medical report from the doctor for your reference. I confirm that he/she will attend the class daily when he/she is feeling well.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Parent name

Sample Sick Leave Application to Class Teacher by Student

The Class Teacher (Class Name)
Name of the School/College

Most respectfully, I beg to state that I am not in a situation to come to school/college because I am suffering from illness. I have been advised by my doctor to take proper rest for the period of (number of days). Hence, kindly grant me leave from (beginning date to end date). I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanking you Sir/Madam
Yours obediently,
Your name
Class or Section
Your Roll No.

Sample Sick Leave Application to Supervisor by an Employee

Subject: Sick Leave Application for Office

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recipient Name)

I am sending this application to inform you that I am suffering from (write the name of disease here) and therefore I want sick leave from office. I got this illness yesterday and I won’t be able to come to the office for the period of (number of days). As recommended by my doctor, I have to take a rest and recover completely before continuing my work. The prescription from the doctor is also attached.

I request you to grant me leave for (write number of days). I will be available on the phone or by email in case of any emergency work. You can contact me anytime for any important matters. I have also informed (write name of your colleague) to take care of tasks and to assure that all deadlines are met.

I am sure you will comprehend and grant me leave for the mentioned period and I am eagerly waiting for your approval.

Thanks for the cooperation and consideration.
Yours Sincerely
Your Name

The sick leave application samples given above are written in a formal way and you can send the application to your school/college principal, teacher, or manager of your office to get leave if you fall sick due to disease. You should mention necessary points in your application and try to be concise and to the point. Moreover, we have also added more samples of sick leave applications in form of images in this article below. You can download and use it anytime you need. When the application is written, try to proofread to make sure there aren’t any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

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