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People Do not Enjoy What They Have; They Constantly Seek for More

People Do not Enjoy What They Have; They Constantly Seek for More
People Do not Enjoy What They Have; They Constantly Seek for More

People Do not Enjoy What They Have; They Constantly Seek for More

When a person awakens the desires to seek more whether positively or negatively can image them as worst, cause you want what you don’t have. So, you scheme and kill to get it. You are jealous of what others have, but you can’t get it and you fight and wage war to take it away from them. You don’t have what you want to cause “people do not enjoy what they have; they constantly seek for more.”

As a society we are eating too much, drinking too much, working too much and spending too much. We take more drugs for anxiety and depression than ever before. Our debt is climbing, and our savings are dwindling. We are tired, stressed, overworked, scattered and afraid and we fear that we won’t have more than them, we are afraid of what others think if we don’t. We never have enough and fear that we never will.

The question arises in a person’s mind “what would you do differently if you thought you had enough”? The response is overwhelming,

  • Give more
  • Worry less
  • Quit job
  • Travel
  • Change my career path
  • Come up with ways to help the world
  • Connect more with friends
  • Move somewhere new and exciting.

Wow! If you had enough, you would do some great, life changing things for yourself, your family and the world.

It’s time to start asking tough questions because it’s very likely that you are not living the life that you desire. You are depriving yourself of real happiness because you think you need more money and more stuff. If you know what would you do, if you thought you have enough then the next logical question is “how will you get enough”?

Some people are deprived of health but seeking for it.

Those who possess good health, seeking for wealth.

Those who have enough wealth, seeking for happiness.

People who are blessed with happiness seeking for what others have.

Seeking for more, more and more, cause people do not enjoy what they have; they continually seek for more.

Seeking for more and not being the content of they have is in human’s nature which can’t be quenched at any certain age. People do not value what they have but always curious and seeking for more to have better than that. Sometimes constantly seeking can lead to illicit tasks which won’t have bearable morals that’s quoted by a great personality, “if you do not get as much as you desire than be content with what you have.”


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