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Cover Letter and CV for Teaching Vacancy

Whenever you apply for any job you need to write a proper cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) , because your cover letter presents your intentions, qualifications, and availability to a prospective employer in a succinct, appealing format. It’s your first chance to make a great impression, a personalized letter indicates, you are serious about your job search. So, your cover letter should be clear and to the point. Include the specific job title, two to three reasons why your experience makes a good fit, and a brief outline of career highlights. Below is a sample of cover letter and CV for teaching vacancy.

Cover Letter and CV for Teaching Vacancy
Cover Letter and CV for Teaching Vacancy

Cover Letter and CV for Teaching Vacancy

Cover Letter

To,                                                                                                                                                      Date: Feb 22, 2016
The director/ principal
(insert the name of the academy)
(insert the recipient address)


Dear Mr/Ms (insert the name of recipient)

I am writing to inquire if you have any vacancies in your academy, I desire to take this applicable opportunity.
It is, furthermore, stated that I have all the necessary qualifications for the aforementioned posts, and I will be glad to avail this opportunity to prove my hidden capabilities to its crest to serve the society.

I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I’m keen to work for your academy with a great reputation and high profile.

I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience.
Please find enclosed a copy of my CV on the next page. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV on file for any future possibilities.
Yours Sincerely


Curriculum  Vitae (CV)

Personal Information:
(Insert your personal information below)

  • Name:
  • Father’s Name:
  • Gender:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Contact No:
  • Marital Status:
  • Address:
  • Email:

To obtain the post of English Language Instructor in your society with dynamic environment, where I can experience working expeditiously for the growth and development of society and my own skills. In addition to obtain a reasonably good career.

A highly motivated and competent individual owning can-do attitude, enthusiasm, and broad work experience which make me bring on efficiency and success in any circumstances.

Education and Qualification:
(Insert your education and qualification here)
(Moreover you can insert your experience if you have)

Main Duties and Responsibilities :
1. Planning and preparing courses and lessons.
2. Teaching students according to their educational needs.
3. Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and achievement of students.
4. Promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students.
5. Providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters and on their further education and future careers.
6. Communicating and consulting with the parents of students.
7. Participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.

Languages: (inset the name of languages you can speak in)
Computer Literate: (inset the names of your skills you have in computer)

References: (insert if you have any)

Mr/Ms director/ principal of
(insert the name of Academy)

A sample Cover Letter and CV for Teaching Vacancy or the post of instructor. Remember this is just a sample though people write in different patterns and format.


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