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Tag Questions With Exercises and Answers

Tag Questions With Exercises and Answers
Tag Questions With Exercises and Answers

We have already talked about some rules and sentence structure of tag questions in English. In this page, I will elaborate tag questions with exercises and answers.

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Tag Questions With Exercises and Answers

Tag Questions

Use tag questions when you already know about what you ask someone, but just want/need to make sure that whether the listener agrees and knows about it or not.

  • – If the verb form of a sentence is positive, the tag question should be negative.
  • – If the verb form of a sentence is negative, the tag question should be positive.
  • – A comma is used before the tag question starts.


  • positive sentence + comma + negative tag question
  • Negative sentence + comma + positive tag question

Tag Questions in All Tenses

He is an intelligent student, isn`t he? He is not intelligent, is he?
You are a student, aren`t you? You are not a student, are you?
I am your teacher, am I not? / aren`t I? I am not your teacher, am I?
She loves her family, doesn`t she? She doesn`t love her family, does she?
You like rice and meat, don`t you? You don`t like rice and meat, do you?
They are walking towards us, aren`t they? They are not walking toward us, are they?
You went to Pakistan last week, didn`t you? You didn`t go to Pakistan last week, did you?
He was absent yesterday, wasn`t he? He wasn`t absent yesterday, was he?
They were playing cricket, weren`t they? They were not playing cricket, were they?
You will buy a car next month, won`t you? You won`t buy a car next month, will you?
He is going to join us, won`t he? He is not going to join us, will he?
They will be coming soon, won`t they? They will not be coming soon, will they?
You have eaten lunch, haven`t you? You haven`t eaten lunch, have you?
She has been to Iran several times, hasn`t she? She has never been to Iran, has she?
We have finished five tenses so far, haven`t we? We haven`t finished all tenses yet, have we?
They have been working, haven`t they? They haven`t been working, have they?
He had left when you got there, hadn`t he? They hadn`t left when you got there, had he?
You had been waiting for me, hadn`t you? You hadn`t been waiting for me, had you?
You will have left by 01:00 pm, won`t you? You won`t have left by 01:00 pm, will you?
You will have been watching TV for an hour by the time we get to your guest house, won`t you? You won`t have been waiting for more than an hour by the time they get here, will you?

Tag Questions With Modal Verbs

He can speak good English, can`t he? He can`t speak Arabic, can he?
You could buy it last month, couldn`t you? You couldn`t afford it last year, could you?
We must study hard, shouldn`t we? You must not break the law, should you?
He may/might come today, won`t he? He may/might not come today, will he?

Tag Questions With Have to and Has to

You have to leave now, don`t you? You don`t have to leave, do you?
She has to wear the hijab, doesn`t she? He doesn`t have to call you, does he?
You had to accept it, didn`t you? You didn`t have to do that, did you?
He had to be patient, didn`t he? He didn’t have to be worried, did he?

With Imperatives

Bring me some water please, will you? Don`t throw it away, would you?

With Suggestions

Let`s go outside, shall we? Let`s not waste our time on it, should we?

With Indefinite Pronouns

Somebody has broken the window, haven’t they? No one likes death, do they?
Everybody liked that singer, didn’t they? Nobody liked him, did they?
No one wants to be called stupid, do they? Everyone hates poverty, don`t they?

Exercise 1.

Example: Peter works in the shop, _________ ?
Answer: Peter works in the shop, doesn’t he?

1) She is collecting stickers, _________ ?
2) We often watch TV in the afternoon, _________ ?
3) You have cleaned your bike, _________ ?
4) John and Max don’t like Math, _________ ?
5) Peter played handball yesterday, _________ ?
6) They are going home from school, _________ ?
7) Mary didn’t do her homework last Monday, _________ ?
8) He could have bought a new car, _________ ?
9) Kevin will come tonight, _________ ?

Exercise 2.

Complete the sentences with the correct question tags.
1. Mr. Tom is from America, isn’t he?
2. The car isn’t in the garage,_________ ?
3. You are John,_________ ?
4. She went to the library yesterday,_________ ?
5. He didn’t recognize me,_________ ?
6. Cars pollute the environment,_________ ?
7. Mr. Pritchard has been to Scotland recently,_________ ?
8. The trip is very expensive,_________ ?
9. He won’t tell her,_________ ?
10. Tom had a red car,_________ ?


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