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Using Adjectives With Specific Prepositions

Using Adjectives With Specific Prepositions
Using Adjectives With Specific Prepositions

Using Adjectives With Specific Prepositions

We use specific prepositions after certain adjectives. There is no definite rule to ascertain which preposition should we use with which adjective, that’s why ESL learners make common mistake when using adjective with preposition. The only solution is to learn them and use them on daily basis. Here is a list of commonly used adjectives with preposition that are normally used.

Adjective Preposition Example
happy about I am so happy about my promotion.
exited about She is excited about her trip to the U.S.A.
nervous about He is nervous about the final test.
angry about The teacher is angry about my comment.
surprised about I was really surprised about what you told me this morning
irritated about The president was irritated about the security contract with the U.S.A.
annoyed about I am really annoyed about her misbehavior.
sure about We are sure about the experience of our teachers at Learn ESL. 
worried about Many people are worried about the security condition of Quetta.
sad about I am sad about the innocent children killed in the explosions.
sorry about/for I am so sorry about/for being late.
similar to Kashmir is similar to New Murree.
compared to The education standard is much better in Washington compared to the rest of the states of U.S.A.
tired of I am not tired of teaching English as second language.
fan of I am a big fan of spiritual music.
afraid of He is not afraid of anyone.
bored of Some weak students are bored of grammar class.
accused of They are accused of robbing the bank.
suspicious of The director is suspicious of some new employees.
aware of Everyone must be aware of the political situation of their country.
interested in Most students are interested in learning English at Learn ESL.
mad at Don`t be mad at me. I have done nothing wrong.
good at He is good at solving the math problems.
upset with I am a little upset with some students today.
blamed for She is blamed for stealing my heart.
enough for The food is not enough for the whole party.
young for She is too young for him to get married to.
punished for Some people are punished for their deeds in this world.
old for He couldn`t join the army because he was too old for that. 
done for In most grammar exercises of A Lingua System, the first questions are already done for you.
famous for Learn ESL is famous for teaching English.
known for She is known for her nice attitude.  


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