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Step by Step to Restore Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server Backup can be used to back up a full server (all volumes), selected volumes, the system state, or specific files or folder, and to create a backup that you can use for bare metal recovery. You can recover volumes, folders, files, certain applications, and the system state in once Backup Method. And, in the case of disasters like hard disk failures, you can perform a bare-metal recovery, which I will perform in this article.

To Perform or restore the Backup, first, you need to back up the system, Here is an article which will help you to create Backup Windows Server 2016.

After Backing up the Server, follow these Processes to restore the Windows Server Backup.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup

Step 1. To recover or restore the full Server, you need to access the recovery and troubleshooting tools in Windows Recovery Environment through the System Recovery Options. In order to access the recovery and troubleshooting, turn on your computer and press F8, and then select Repair Your Computer from the list of startup options.


Insert the Windows Setup disc that has the same architecture of the system that you are trying to recover from the CD or DVD drive and start or restart the computer. If needed, press the required key to boot from the disc. The Install Windows Wizard should appear.

  • In Install Windows, specify language settings, and then click Next.
  • Click Repair your computer.

Step 2. Now you have to select Troubleshoot.

Choose an Option

Step 3. Then you need to select System Image Recovery.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
Advanced Options

Note: In Windows Server 2016, While restoring the system with an image, it will ask you, whether you have the password or you have lost the Password of Your Server and you want to recover that from Windows Backup.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
System Image Recovery

Step 4. I had selected My name, which is Abbas, and Now, I have to insert the Password in order to find access to the further steps.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
System Image Recovery Password Required

Step 5. Now you are on the select the system image backup. Here are two options:

  • Use the latest available system image (recommended).
  • Select a system image.

Since I am restoring full server, I will go with the Default settings, I mean the recommended settings.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
Select System Image Backup

Step 6. On the Choose additional restore options page, do the following optional tasks, and then click Next:

Select the Format and repartition disks check box to delete existing partitions and reformat the destination disks to be the same as the backup. This enables the Exclude disks button. Click this button and then select the check boxes associated with any disks that you want to exclude from being formatted and partitioned. The disk that contains the backup that you are using is automatically excluded.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
Additional Restore Options

Step 7. Now on the Re-image your computer page, look deeply at the settings and click finish. After selecting the finish, it will warn you and will say;

All the data on the drives to be restored will be replaced in the system image. Are you sure you want to continue?

You have to select and go on.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
Confirming Re-Image Backup

Step 8. Now you have to wait until it should restore the system.

Note: Depending on your files, restoring it will take time from minutes until few hours.

Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup
Restoring the Files

Step 9. When the process was done, it will restart the Server with restored backup.

That’s all, I hope this article helped you with Windows Server Backup Restore windows server 2016 Backup. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress, Windows Server, the Internet and Business video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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