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10 Best Role-Play For General Speaking Class With Exercises

Role-play is a speaking activity when a teacher puts students into somebody else place or position or when a teacher puts his/her students into an imaginary situation where they become anyone they like for a short time. In fact, role play is the best activity to put the students on their toes and compel them to speak in English. Below you will find 10 best role-play for general speaking class with exercises to help students practice and improve their speaking skills.

10 Best Role-Play For General Speaking Class

There are two ways you can have role-play activity among your students, scripted and non-scripted. In scripted role-play, you can split your students into pairs and give them a textbook or script where they need to play like a model role and fill in the blanks.

In non-scripted, students are given a role and they need to speak and use whatever knowledge they have. This type of role-playing is recommended rather than scripted. Below is a list of the script with the blanks which can give you a good clue on how to arrange to role-play activity among your students.

#1: Salesperson And Customer

  • Salesperson: Hi! Can I help you?
  • Customer: Yes, I’m looking for…..? (shoes, running shoes, soccer boots, sneakers…)
  • Salesperson: What size would you like?
  • Customer: ……………………….?
  • Salesperson: What color would you prefer?
  • Customer:………………………..
  • The salesperson gives the customer some shoes but they’re too small.
  • Customer:…………………………
  • Salesperson: Okay, I’ll get a bigger pair.
  • The customer wants to know the price.
  • Customer………………………….?
  • Salesperson: They’re $50. A customer wants to buy them.
  • Customer:……………………………..

#2: Customer And Worker

Scenario one – Asking for tickets

  • Customer: Two tickets for ________________ please.
  • Worker: Okay. Where would you like to sit?
  • Customer: Somewhere in the middle, please.
  • Worker: That’s $20, please.
  • Customer: Okay, here you go.
  • Worker: Thank you. Here are your tickets.
  • Customer: Thanks.

Scenario two – Sold Out

  • Customer: Two tickets for ________________ please.
  • Worker: I’m sorry, _________________ is sold out.
  • Customer: Okay, what about _______________?
  • Worker: There are still seats available for __________________.
  • Customer: Okay, two tickets please.

Scenario three – Buying Popcorn

  • Customer: 2 Pack popcorn, please.
  • Worker: Large or small?
  • Customer: Large, please.
  • Worker: That’s $6.
  • Customer: Thanks.

Scenario four – Rude Customer

  • Customer: Excuse me; please can you keep it down?
  • Rude Customer: Okay, sorry.

#3: Police Officer And Murder

One student is a murderer and the other a police officer. The murderer is being interviewed by the officer and must lie so they don’t get caught.

  • Police officer: Where were you yesterday at 5:00 pm?
  • Murderer: ________________________________________________
  • Police officer: But we have you on CCTV at the scene of the crime.
  • Murderer:__________________________________________________
  • Police officer: The victim’s phone had your number in it. How did he know you?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: When did you see him last?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: Did you have an argument?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: Did you kill him?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: Why did you have his blood on your shoe?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: Two witnesses saw you running from the scene. Why?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________
  • Police officer: Why did you have the murder weapon?
  • Murderer: _________________________________________________

#4: Customer and Bank Employee

Scenario one – Changing traveler’s checks

  • Customer: I’d like to change some traveler’s checks please.
  • Bank Employee: Okay, how much would you like to change?
  • Customer: 500 dollars, please.
  • Bank Employee: Do you have the checks?
  • Customer: Yes, here you go.
  • Bank Employee: Do you have any ID?
  • Customer: Is my passport okay?
  • Bank Employee: That’s fine.
  • The customer gives their passport
  • Bank Employee: Please sign here.
  • The customer signs the paper.
  • Bank employee: Here is your money and receipt. Thank you.
  • Customer: Thank you.

Scenario two – Withdrawing out money

  • Customer: I’d like to withdraw money from my account, please.
  • Bank Employee: How much would you like to take out?
  • Customer: $100.
  • Bank Employee: Do you have any ID?
  • Customer: Here.
  • Bank Employee: Please put your card in here and enter your pin.
  • Customer: Okay.
  • Bank Employee: Here is $100. Thank you.
  • Customer: Thank you.

#5: Hotel Receptionist and Customer

  • Hotel Receptionist: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
  • Customer: We’d like a room, please?
  • Hotel Receptionist: Do you have a reservation?
  • Customer: Yes, it’s under _______________________(name)
  • Hotel Receptionist: Oh yes, I see it – a room for 2 people for 4 nights.
  • Customer: That’s right.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?
  • Customer: Non-smoking, please.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Okay. Would you like a room with a view of the pool or the sea?
  • Customer: The sea.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Do you need any wake-up calls?
  • Customer: No thanks.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Okay, everything is ready. Your room is 503.
  • Customer: Thank you. What time is breakfast?
  • Hotel Receptionist: Between 7.00 and 10.00 in the hotel restaurant on the 1st floor. Enjoy your stay.
  • Customer: Thank you.

Scenario two – No reservation

  • Customer: Hi! We have a room reserved for 3 nights under the name __________________
  • Hotel Receptionist: I’m sorry; I can’t seem to find your reservation.
  • Customer: We called a month ago and made one.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Maybe there was a mistake. We have rooms available so it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Customer: Okay.
  • Hotel Receptionist: So you want a room for 3 nights. For how many people?
  • Customer: 2 people.
  • Hotel Receptionist: Okay, your room is 408.

#6: Waiter And Customer

Create an imaginary scenario in whichever type of restaurant you would like. The customer can be friendly, rude, funny or any type of character they wish.

  • Waiter: Do you have a reservation?
  • Customer: _______________________________________
  • Waiter: How many people are in your party?
  • Customer: ________________________________________
  • Waiter: What would you like to order?
  • Customer:________________________________________
  • Waiter: Would you like a drink with that?
  • Customer: _______________________________________
  • Waiter: I’m sorry, we don’t have any left. Is there anything else you’d like?
  • Customer:_______________________________________ While eating the food
  • Waiter: How is your meal?
  • Customer: ______________________________________ After meal
  • Waiter: Would you like some dessert or coffee?
  • Customer: _______________________________________ Finished eating
  • Customer: Can we have the bill please?

#7: Customer And Shop Assistant

Scenario one – Looking for something

  • Customer: Excuse me. Do you have any ____________?
  • Shop Assistant: Yes, they are next to the ________________. Do you know where that is?
  • Customer: Yes, I think so. Thanks!
  • Shop Assistant: No problem.

Scenario two – No stock

  • Customer: Excuse me. Do you have any ____________?
  • Shop Assistant: I’m not sure. I’ll go and check.
  • Customer: Thanks. Shop assistant goes away and then returns
  • Shop Assistant: I’m sorry, we don’t have any.
  • Customer: No problem. Thanks anyway.
  • Shop Assistant: You’re welcome.

Scenario three – Returning an item

  • Customer: Hi! I’d like to return this/these ________________?
  • Shop Assistant: Okay, is there a problem with it?
  • Customer: Yes, it’s _________________
  • Shop Assistant: Would you like a refund or exchange it with something else?
  • Customer: I’d like a refund, please.
  • Shop Assistant: Okay, here is your refund. Sorry about the problem.
  • Customer: No problem. Thanks, bye!

#8 David And Jen’s Mother

Not in:

  • David: Hi! Can I speak to Jen, please?
  • Jen’s Mother: She’s not in right now. Who’s speaking?
  • David: It’s David. Can you please tell her that I’ll call again later.
  • Jen’s Mother: Yeah, I’ll tell her.
  • David: Thanks.
  • Jen’s Mother: No problem. Bye!
  • David: Bye!

Making Plans:

  • David: Hi! Is Jen there?
  • Jen’s Mother: Yeah, I’ll go get her.
  • Jen: Hi, this is Jen.
  • David: Hi Jen, it’s David. What are you doing tonight?
  • Jen: Nothing, why?
  • David: Do you want to go to the movies?
  • Jen: Sure, what time?
  • David: Let’s meet at 7 outside the cinema.
  • Jen: Okay, see you then.
  • David: See you.

Wrong Answer:

  • David: Hi! Can I speak to Jen, please?
  • Old Man: Jen? Sorry, I think you have the wrong number?
  • David: Oh, I’m really sorry.
  • Old Man: No problem. Bye!
  • David: Bye!

#9 Q and A Between Two Students

  • A: Where are you from originally?
  • B:____________________________
  • A: Where do you live?
  • B:____________________________
  • A: What line of work are you in?
  • B:____________________________
  • A: What was your major?
  • B: ____________________________
  • A: What type of music do you listen to?
  • B:______________________________
  • A: Have you done much traveling?
  • B: _____________________________
  • A: Are you religious?
  • B:_____________________________
  • A: What do you get up to in your free time?
  • B:_____________________________
  • A: Do you read often?
  • B:_____________________________
  • A: Are you married?
  • B: ____________________________

#10 Stolen Wallet

  • Victim: Officer, I’d like to report a crime.
  • Police: Can you tell me what happened?
  • Victim: I was in the market when somebody pick-pocketed me and stole my wallet.
  • Police: Can you describe the person who stole your wallet?
  • Victim: Yes, it was a slim man, about 180 cm tall with short, brown hair.
  • Police: What was in the wallet?
  • Victim: A credit card, $65, my driving license and my house keys.
  • Police: What time did this happen?
  • Victim: About 2 pm.
  • Police: Were there any witnesses?
  • Victim: I don’t think so.
  • Police: Can you please fill out this form, and leave your contact details.
  • Victim: Okay. Do you think you can get my wallet back?
  • Police: Unfortunately it’s very unlikely. Here is your police reference number. If you call us please tell us this number. Thanks.

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