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10 High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2022

In this article, I am going to introduce the 10 high paying jobs you can do from home and make a good passive income. If you are serious and perseverant about choosing your preferred job from the following jobs, you will definitely come with a good result and make a good amount of money. Choose your favorite jobs and start earning.

10 High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

1. Transcribing Videos

In this job basically, you take a video and create a text from it. You can go to Rev that they give this service and they charge per minute. Actually, they take a video and make a transcribe of that for you. People need to transcribe for subtitles also for translation also, hence this website has a lot of customers. So you can simply sign up for this job and get a payment of $0.70/minute of the transcribed text.

Skills that you need, obviously you need to be able to understand English, you need to be grammatically correct when you type things and fast typing really helps for this job. Indeed, most of the time machine doesn’t do this job correctly, hence people require human proofread for this job.

2. Start E-Commerce Business

It might look strange at first but this job will give you a good income. Eg. find a supplier on Alibaba who creates stuff based on your order and requirement. Send them your design they produce high-quality stuff at a very low cost and then you can distribute your goods to other platforms like Amazon or any local store. You can find any product from good suppliers on Alibaba. Even you can put your brand on it and get your products in your own city.

3. Recording Audio Books

portrait of young woman recording a song in a professional studio

There a lot of authors and publishers who need an audio recorded book of their written books. There are a lot of freelancers who do this job and make a good amount of money. You can have basic equipment like a mic and computer and of course, you need excellent English and a good accent. Moreover, for recording a fiction book you just need some acting and practicing will make it perfect.

There are over 1 million books that are published in the USA every year and not every single of them gets an audiobook, but if a book gets a lot of sell of course the publisher will order an audio version. Check Acx this website brings together authors and people like you who are recording audiobooks.

4. Proofreading

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When you order for translating for someone or you need your important text to be checked and proofread correctly you will proofread it online. fluentexpress is a website where people upload their text there and native speakers proofread them. Sometimes when people translate from their own language into English, they would have a lot of mistakes, this website helps them with proofreading their text. Now if you think your English is good and you can go for this job, just become a member of this website and start doing your job.

For this job, no special education is required, but of course, you need to be advanced in English and you need to be very attentive to details. On average English native speakers charge around $20/hour, and if you are not a native speaker but your English is advanced $10/hour would be a good rate.

5. Website Testing

Here, I am not talking about testing that you need to take a big course I am just talking about user experience testing. Three is a website called UserTesting and they give you a task, like open a website, try to make a booking, let us know what you think, and give a report from a user experience point of view. You don’t need to be a professional to tell about the coding of the website. Simply give a user-based experience report and then they pay you $10 for a $ 20-minute test. If you want to go into more professional testing where you test apps and where you need some special skills then you can check UTest.

6. Virtual Assistant

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Become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is somebody who does tasks like finding a list of investors or finding some contractors or maybe creating some checklist. On average virtual assisters make $10-20/ hour and you can be anywhere in the world and do this job. Your English needs to be advanced for this job so that you can communicate with your customers and fulfill tasks. To find customers, you can do this job through Upwork, simply create your profile and perform some tasks for free just to get some reviews or you should lower your price first, and then it will start rolling.

7. Editing Videos

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One of the professions that are in very high demand these days is editing videos. And for this job you don’t need to be a super professional editor and of course, if you are that’s a positive point. If you can cut videos and if you can color great videos and can add some texts. An average salary for this job is $10-15/hour and if you are a professional and can do many good things on the video then $75/hour is really realistic.

If we take look nowadays there are many social networks, not only YouTube needs video editing, but also TikTok is also a platform where a lot of editing is needed. You can try editing for TikTok this market is exploding these days.

8. YouTube

YouTube channel is another great resource to make a passive income if you enjoy making videos. If you don’t like to be in front of the camera if you don’t like talking about a topic that you like then this job is not for you. Being a YouTuber is a very good idea and the best option for passive income but if you can create something unique that attracts people to watch your videos.

9. Designing Thumbnails

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Thumbnails are very important and attention catchers of videos on social media platforms and there are a lot of YouTubers who tend to pay for a well-designed thumbnail, hence if you are good at designing and Photoshop, you can go for this job and earn $10-20 for each thumbnail.

10. Selling Your Content Online

Selling Online

If you are a creator, if you like taking pictures, if you like to create videos, you can sell them on different platforms. Eg. you can make a lot of money selling your content on Shutterstock, instead of just posting your content on Instagram you can also sell them. You can sell your photographs and there are a lot of resources for that like smugmug, 500Px, PhotShelter and etc.

Remember, you really need to work first and you really need to make sure you have the right SEO tool and you need to create the right description. You need to create and upload more and more.

Everything takes time and you really need to make a lot of work upfront and then eventually it will start paying back.

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