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10+ Tips to Help You Become a Good Writer

10+ Tips to Help You Become a Good Writer
10+ Tips to Help You Become a Good Writer

Do you enjoy writing? Are you fed up with writing a bad quality article? Do you think that good writing has naturally come to good writers? We are living in an era where writing and reading don’t have any value at all; indeed, everyone is busy with their social life and depend on technology. If you can’t write better, then is it accurate to give up. Do you think that writing a blog and business report is an easy task? No obviously, it needs a lot of effort and hard work which can only be possible by writing daily. Have you ever wished to be a good writer, then what are you waiting for start writing by only following the tips I suggest. Every writer is not perfect this means that no one is born with perfection like; having great writing skills. Some people think that best writers were born for writing and they were born with this talent; in fact, it is not true. Our talents are hidden; therefore, we have to find out them by ourselves just by realizing our responsibility. Similarly, writers must explore their writing skills by following the tips we have brought for you to help you be a good writer as follow.

10+ Tips to Help You Become a Good Writer

1. Write every day and make it apart of your routine

Becoming a good writer is not an easy task. It is very challenging and takes much time and effort for it. Personally, I have written many articles and blogs but I still want to improve because I think that for becoming a good writer we need improvements. Therefore, we ought to make writing our daily routine. It might seem very funny for some beginners but we start improving by writing a lot. If we skip the most important part of becoming a successful writer, then obviously we will not be able to improve our skills. Did you know that even the best writers spent five to six hours of their day for writing? From this statement, we can realize the importance of writing and its effects on our writing.

2. Read a lot

Reading should have the same value as writing. If you are willing to write in a better way, then why don’t you want to improve your writing through this? Reading teaches us the method of avoiding some basic errors you might have committed in your previous articles. In books, there are always lessons for you to learn. In order to become a good writer, you have to read a lot so that your mind gets ready for writing. Reading adds to our knowledge. Some people make excuses that they don’t find time for reading. How to take out time for reading? You have already a lot of time to read but you want to make excuses by saying that you don’t have time. You can take out time from your other activities or you can read on your spare time. Spend less time on social media and take time for reading.

3. Make a timetable for yourself

Do we really think about the quality time we waste on social media? We only know how to complain. Do you really know the reason for your bad writing? Generally, writers pick up their notebooks and start writing, which is not quite preferable. The best solution is that you should make your writing but make sure not to shuffle your timetable even for a single day; otherwise, your writing will not be improved.

4. Start writing with your happy moments

The most effective tip of good and successful writing is writing your happy moments and daily routine. Start with small things, then you can move to greater ones. The moments you want to live again. Those moments can give you the effort of writing better and better every time. Have you ever noticed that when you are upset, then the only thing which can make you happy is your “good moments?” Every single time you write to them, you will see improvements. By writing the happy moments of your life, you can move one step closer to successful writing.

5. Be relevant

Don’t waste your reader’s time with long introductions which are not relatable with your title. The successful writers prefer relevance over long and unclear written texts. Before publishing your article, once put yourself in place of your audience and ask yourself these questions as follow; am I sharing what they really want to know about? Or do I really take forever for getting to the point? First, think for a while about it then start writing. Put yourself instead of your reader and then you will be able to relate to this issue and can find a solution for it.

6. Paraphrase other’s view in your own

The first step of being a successful writer is never copying the original work of someone else. Therefore, always try to search for the reviews of others but rephrase their words in your own. The worst part of writing is when you can’t share your own points of view. If you want to be a successful writer and impress your readers by your writing, then try to be your own kind of unique.

7. Time limitation

People say that give yourself more time for improvements but I say that try to do your work on time; therefore, it is only possible if you know how to manage your time. Successful writers set alarm for each part of the article, they put a limit so that they can be able to manage it on time and nothing should remain. This is the best method for being a good writer because you will be able to realize the value of each second. Therefore, good writers never waste time and always suggest time limitations.

8. Have a reason for writing

Generally, those writers are successful who have an aim for writing. People who write uselessly for wasting time will never be able to be a good writer. Everything is created for a purpose. Similarly, what we write or publish must have a purpose for being the best writer. Most successful writers had a purpose for writing and it was revealing the reality of this world, our existence, and many more. So if you want to be a good writer, then find out the purpose of your writing, which should give you the motivation to write better.

9. Be relaxed

Have you ever noticed that when you are really in tension, then you can’t even think of writing? That is because your mind is not relaxed and disturbed in a noisy environment. When you want to write, then try to choose a place where there is no noise and darkness. The place must be bright and peaceful so that your mind should be able to concentrate on the title.

10 Use simple words and be clear

Did you know that an individual likes reading an article with simple and clear words rather than the one with complicated and tough vocabulary?

Obviously, if the words used in the article is complicated and difficult, then everyone will skip that article. For being a good writer, we ought not to use very tough and confusing vocabulary. An article without clarity is like a paper that is fully painted.

11. Plan, then write

Is it better to have a plan or no before going outing? Of course, you can enjoy better if you pre-plan everything before going. Therefore, good writers always make plans, then they write something. I find this tip very common but really useful because before you write down something, do pre-plan for it. I myself plan each and everything before that I want to write because by having a draft, we can rectify our errors too if found any. After rectifying my errors by the help of planning, I type it in the laptop then I read it once. I move on step by step and fortunately, everything goes correct that’s all because of the plan I make before writing them down.

12. Recheck your article or blog

The majority of the writers hate revising or going through their articles once again for avoiding errors. Do you think that rechecking our writing help us be a successful writer? Obviously, going through our writing the second time helps us prevent errors and adds up in the clarity of our writing. For confirmation, we have to recheck it out. Why do the electronics have a guarantee or warranty card? It’s clear because it’s for confirmation whether it is working fine or not so that our money is not wasted. Similarly, if we want to prevent errors and be sure that everything is going great, then we have to recheck it.

Every writer wants to be successful and receive a good impression and response from their audience; therefore, they struggle for bringing improvement by following different tips and tricks. By following these tips given by me, anyone can prove themselves better writers. What else do you think a good writer needs to follow? What else have I skipped? Please feel free to share your points of view in the comment section below.

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