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How to Speed Up Your Reading

Definitely, Reading can transport us to a new and different world. According to Paul Cameron unfortunately reading has a crisis today; it is facing trouble and danger that could even lead it to its extinction. Because there are people who know how to read but choose not to read because they don’t have enough time in this modern and busy world but in fact, reading is one of the habits of successful people. So, today I am going to tell you how to speed up your reading by some of the most typical but also the speed reading tips and techniques by which you can improve your reading speed and save enough of your time.
speed reading is one of the methods that are used to improve reading speed. An average reading speed is 150 to 250 words per minute but there are people who read even much more and you can also be one of them by the help of the following techniques. With that being said let’s get started.

How to Speed Up Your Reading
How to Speed Up Your Reading

How to Speed Up Your Reading

1. Fixation

Fixation is something that your eyes do while reading. They fix on a word by word basis while reading. At the beginning, you had to apply fixation because you had to break the words down syllable by syllable but eventually, you became capable and much fluent in a language, so you don’t need to apply fixation anymore. To avoid fixation, instead of fixing your eye on each word, fix your eye on a group of the words. More comprehensively, read chunks if words and once you were able to read chunks together to form thoughts that your brain understands, your reading speed automatically increase.

2. Regression

Regression is unnecessarily going back and rereading the material that really slows down your reading speed. Moreover, it weighs a third of every hour that you spend reading or about 20 minutes of every hour. That means it is a huge time waster. You need to remember that sometimes cut does come in handy so you should not eliminate it completely but you need to learn how to control it. To reduce regression, use an index card, your finger or a pen or pencil to keep the track of your reading.

3. Sub-vocalization

Subvocalization means saying each word in your head. We think that we need to understand every word that is why we say that word in our head but you don’t need to subvocalize to understand and remember every word. The best way to reduce it is listening to music most importantly to classical music. Listening to music will not only reduce subvocalization but also improve concentration. Moreover, you can also use your hand to guide your eyes while reading.

The above three habits are the main cause of your slow reading. If you could reduce or even eliminate them, you can be a better reader, save your time and improve your comprehension also. There are some more tips that might also help you to read faster.

4. Time your reading speed

Get a timer and set it for 2 to 3 minutes. At the end count the words you have read and try to maximize every time you read to speed up your reading speed.

5. Read the first and last sentence of the  paragraph slowly

The first and last sentence of the paragraph contains approximately the most ideas and information. So, you should read those two slowly and the rest as fast as you can.

6. Reading titles and heading

Reading titles and heading can also make you understand the main theme of you reading so you would not then need to read everything seriously.

So it was all about speed reading tips and techniques. I hope this might help you to get better in reading.

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