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8 Learning Apps Students Need to Download Now

Are searching for the best educational or learning apps to make your study route ease and convenient? In this article, I am going to introduce the 8 learning apps students need to download on their smartphones and get help from them in their studies.

Indeed, when it comes to studying, then students have to complete a lot of homework and activities for that. Most people consider mobile phones a source of distraction for students. People always try that they should protect students’ learning from mobile phones. But again we see that in every field of life, smartphones play an important role and without them, nothing can move ahead.

Mobile apps turned smartphones into practical classrooms where students do all their study activities with ease and focus. Mobile apps along with new and advanced learning management software are changing the educational landscape. These educational apps have made everything simpler and enjoyable. So in this article, I will bring for you all some of those best educational apps for students to make the best out of their smartphone usage. So let’s start diving into it.

8 Learning Apps Students Need to Download Now

1. Google Classroom

In an educational institution, students are often asked to complete and submit their homework. And teachers review them and then give students remarks according to their work. This is the biggest problem and tiring part of being a student, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we find out a solution for it? Google Classroom is the solution to this problem. With the help of this app, we can arrange a discussion between students from different countries. In this discussion, they can discuss some difficult questions of different subjects, which means they can share their answers, can share some best resources to find out the answers to the questions.

2. edX

I know that many students have the dream to study in the top universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and the UK. But they know that it is not really easy to study their favorite courses in these top universities.
If you have the dream to study in these top universities, then go and download edX on your phone, nothing will be able to stop you from approaching your dreams. edX will connect you directly from your home to those universities. There are more than 2000 courses of top universities in this app such as computer science, business studies, engineering, and many more. And at last, you can achieve certificates from these universities too which can help you make your professional career. In this app, you can find videos of the subjects and their interactive activities and quizzes for examining your understanding.

3. Khan academy

The app provides a free and world-class education for all inquisitive minds across the world. All lessons are provided in the form of video tutorials. Lessons are represented with drawings, the narrator teaches the students through these drawings. So simple right?
Khan Academy also provides online courses for preparing for standardized tests like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, IELTS, and TOFEL. And in this app, you can learn multiple languages too.

4. Duolingo

Learning a language is not a piece of cake at all, right? It needs a lot of time, effort, and hard work. But there is no need of getting worried because we have plenty of apps for it that one of them is Duolingo. Duolingo has made language learning very easy and convenient. You can learn languages like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, German, etc. in a fun and easier way. Nowadays, every student must know the international language because it is one of the subjects at school. And unfortunately, most of the students, have a problem with learning it too so, therefore, we recommend this app. It includes different kinds of engaging games that can improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. And most importantly, this app shows your progress and improvements daily.

5. Udemy

Without any doubt, Udemy is one of the best learning apps for students out there. It has more than 130 thousand video tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to personal development lessons like drawing, writing, yoga, etc. They have instructors for each student too. They guide students or solve questions that students are stuck at. As well as, they arrange discussions between students to make learning more fun and easy.

6. my Homework Student Planner

This app is for Android, iPhone, and iPad users only. This app is a digital-planning app for students to organize their assignments and daily routine. Using the app is easy. Users can simply enter their class details into the calendar. They can set a reminder for their study and assignments so that they should not forget about them and stay active and regular. Being active and regular is what a student needs the most. So if you want to become one of those active students, then go and download this app right now.

7. Photomath

Mathematics has always been a complicated subject for many students. No matter in which grade you are, math has always been challenging for everyone. Well, no more because now anyone can learn to solve any complex math problems very easily using an app called Photomath. The Learning process in Photomath is quite simple. You can take a picture of handwritten or printed questions. Later the app itself will teache you how to solve those questions through step by step explanations and instructions. This app provides multiple solving methods, answers with graphs, and for using it there is no need for the internet too.

8. Kahoot

Do you all like solving quizzes, if yes then this app is best for you because in this app you will solve quizzes regarding the lessons you have learned? These quizzes are really helpful because by solving them, you can focus more on your studies and can find out how much you have learned.
Kahoot has readymade quizzes on any topic. You can choose your preferred topic and join live quizzes with other players. You can even use Kahoot for offline quiz competitions. In this app even you can quickly create your quizzes and challenge your friends to compete with you. And you can play with more than 2000 contestants and can make learning easier for yourself.

There are hundreds of apps available and it can be dazing to decide which app to use. All the apps that I mentioned above are available for free for all users except one app was available only for some users. So first checkout and research thoroughly about them and then go and download them. Which app is the most helpful one? Let us know in the comment section below. And please comment down what you want to read next.


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