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A Complete Guide to Composition Writing

There are two types of writers: those that do a complete brain dump – pouring out all that they know about a topic before getting started – and those that structure the entire piece before they write as a guide. Both types are valid, and it helps to know your type to save time. 

There is no perfect way how to write a composition, but it helps to adopt the most effective method as you don’t want to spend all your time drafting and revising your thoughts. You want to save some time for editing, so the writing has to be within a reasonable amount of time. 

Here are some tips on composition writing.

A Complete Guide to Composition Writing

01: Choose the Topic 

If you have the liberty to choose your topic, you want one that you are great at to make writing easy and enjoyable. And if your topic is selected for you, you will need all the research you can get to know how to make it great for your audience. If you struggle with writing too much, you may want to reach out to the best online writing tutors to sharpen your skills. These professional writers know their areas of study and have the skills to help you get better at writing as long as you are willing to put in the work. 

When picking a topic, two things should be in your mind: its relevance to your target audience and how well you know it. You may still want to put in some work researching parts that may not be well known to you to make your writing even better. Your chosen topic will make or break your composition, so pay close attention to it. 

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02: Allow the Story to Flow

Compositions are meant to flow and entertain even as they educate, so ensure yours does not bore the intended reader. It does not have to take the formal route, as that could throw some readers off, so you want to let your creative juices flow here. Most experts believe your writing has more impact when you write how you speak, as that takes on a more human form. Since this form of writing does not require too much formality, you may want to practice that idea – write as you speak. 

What we mean by allowing the story to flow is ensuring that your thoughts do not overlap. You want your story to make sense and captivate the reader from the beginning until the end, leaving no part where they feel like you skipped some parts or fast-forwarded the story. 

03: Use Simple Language 

Nothing beats simplicity in life, and this applies to writing too. Using too many idioms, difficult words, and similes will not always work. A reader wants to read a piece that slows beautifully, not reach for the dictionary every few sentences. You also risk looking as though you are trying too hard to please your audience when you use difficult words. You also want to check on tenses and points of view as most people tend to mix those. If you choose the second person, stick with that to the end to avoid losing the reader. 

Types of Compositions and Essays

These are the common types you will encounter as you study: 

Narrative – This type is the most common where a writer will be allowed to express their experiences – either real or made-up. It gives you creative freedom even though it follows some standard structures of a regular essay.

Expository – You will be required to present ideas backed up by factual evidence, so this essay will need lots of reading and research. You will not have lots of creative freedom here, so have your facts checked and be ready to back them up with trusted sources. 

Descriptive – This is best written in the third person, as the writer will be required to describe a place, idea, or emotion. You will have a regular structure to follow and will be required to describe your topic in ways the intended category of readers will fully understand.

Persuasive – This takes the form of a debate where you will be persuading your audience to see matters from your perspective. It is exciting to write if you are fully convinced of your knowledge of a topic and able to present facts and arguments in undisputable ways. 

There are more types, but these are the most common. 

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Essays have standard structures you want to follow, especially if it is an academic papers. You will need the standard introduction, the body with at least three paragraphs, and a short conclusion. Once you have the whole piece written, you will want edits to ensure what you want to convey is what is on the article before submitting it to the required authority. With a regular composition, it is less strict, and you are allowed to be creative as long as it speaks to your intended audience.


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