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Best Background Remover Tools – How to Remove Background From Image

There is no doubt that photos and videos have more impact on both general everyday life and businesses than text. In today’s fast-moving era, people rarely read. Therefore, no matter how strong your idea is if it can not visually catch attention, there is a very small chance that your idea may reach your target audience. That is why it is crucial to have sufficient knowledge and tools to visually present your motto to your audience. One of the most common yet powerful tools is having background remover tools in case you may need to remove the background of a photo or make a cutout of an object or person in any photo.

Best Background Remover Tools

Removing the background from an image can be time-consuming. But if you have the right tools, you can easily remove backgrounds from any photo in no time. Thus, check out the background remover tools and let us know which one you like the best.

1. Wondershare PixCut

If you need to remove the background of a photo as quickly as possible, Wondershare PixCut is for you. With Wondershare PixCut, all you need to do is upload your photo and Wondershare PixCut does the rest. So, automatically selects the object in the image and replaces the background of the image with a transparent background.

Moreover, Wondershare PixCut also provides features such as removing any unwanted object from the image and changing the size of an image without compromising on the quality of the image.

2. Slazzer

It does not matter how complex and confusing your image is, Slazzer can remove the background of your image effortlessly. You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG, and any format. Then, with its AI computer vision algorithms, Slazzer easily differentiates between confusing objects such as the hair and similar colors in the image.

Besides, you can either use it online or you can also get their desktop or mobile app and work offline. Moreover, with their Photoshop, Shopify, Woocomerce, and Figma plugin, you can remove the background of images anywhere.

3. Remove.Bg

Besides, Wondershare PixCut, Remove.Bg is one of the quickest background remover tools. All you need to do is upload your image and Remove.Bg automatically selects the object and removes its background in less than 5 seconds. Besides, you can remove the background of any object including people, objects, cars, animals, and graphics.

Once Remove.Bg removes the background of your image, you can either download your image or choose to edit a little more to ensure that it is perfect.

4. Canva

Canva is an amazing platform especially for those who struggle with graphic designing skills. Because Canva’s built-in tools help you drag any image to the workplace and design something visually appealing projects effortlessly. Though it has a lot of features, one of its best tools is the background remover tool.

However, you would need to purchase Canva to be able to remove the background which may be a bit costly if you are a student. Nevertheless, you can use Canva for everything and anything. So, we think it is worth the money. Besides, you can use Canva for free in the first month. So far if you liked it enough, you should get the paid version too. Otherwise, you can try any other background remover tool from this list.

5. PhotoScissors

PhotosScissors is one of the very simple but powerful background remover tools. It may seem very simple but with its built-in features such as a magic wand and transparent maker, you can easily remove the background of the most difficult images effortlessly. Besides, after you have removed the background of the image, you can either put a solid color background or another image. Moreover, you can also create collages of your images if you need one.

Photoscissors is not only available online but also on all devices including iOS, Mac, and PC. So, you can use it anywhere at any time.

6. Adobe Spark

Best Background Remover Tools

One of the background remover tools in this list had to be Adobe Spark. Because from a college student to a professional graphic designer, everyone lies on the products of Adobe. Adobe Spark is one of Adobe’s best features. You can upload your image and remove the background to get the perfect result without any worry. Besides, once you have removed the background, you can a solid color, play with the fonts and shapes, and much more.

7. InPixio

If you can not afford to pay for a good background remover tool yet you want as precise and perfect a result as possible, InPixio is for you. InPixio is a free background remover tool yet it works amazingly. Removing the background of any complex image may require several attempts. But that is okay for a completely free tool.

moreover, once you have removed the background of your image, you can either choose to download it or further work on it to get the best results.

8. Pixlr BG

Background Remover Tools

Pixlr BG is an amazing free tool with a lot of features including removing background from images. With Pixlr BG, you can remove the background of one or more images at the same time. Whether it is a selfie or any sort of image you need to remove the background from, Pixlr BG easily does its jobs within few seconds.

So, all you need to do is upload your image and let Pixlr BG do the rest.

9. Leawo Photo BG

It is an easy-to-use professional background remover tool. And it not supports automatic background removal but you can also manually remove background from any image. You can easily remove the background from any type of image and object including hair and fur.

Moreover, Leawo Photo BG provides many more features and effects. So, you can change the background of your image to a transparent, solid color, or upload any other image as a background. Once done, you can download your image in any format including PNG, BMP, WEBP, TIFF, and more.

10. BackgroundCut

The backgroundCut uses Artificial intelligence very efficiently to remove background from any image. All you need to do is upload your image and BackgroundCut automatically selects the object and cuts the background within few seconds. Even though it is still in its beta phase, it does an amazing job overall. So, from time to time, you can see various updates aim to make BackgroundCut better.

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