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Mass Popularity of eLearning Creates Superbly Niche Courses

As key technologies and online-connected gear become more accessible worldwide, people have been able to access learning materials with far more ease. In 2020, the need to access remote classes and informative online courses have surged eLearning around the world. The eLearning industry was already surging, but with public and private education institutions being shut down, even those who formerly didn’t use eLearning materials have turned to the internet to advance their education.

India has swiftly become one of the fastest-growing regions for eLearning, thanks to the rapid adoption and availability of internet-connected devices, such as smartphones. With so many people looking to learn online, many tutors have stepped up to offer informative materials for their own areas of expertise, including some superbly niche courses.

There’s a course for just about anything now

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Many people who turn to eLearning do so to improve key skills, such as mathematics, reading, or writing. However, the volume of interest and its accessibility has led to others offering courses online. Among the most novel but practical are ones for the iGaming industry.

Online gambling continues to grow as an industry around the world, with courses available to give people an understanding of the sector. That said, many of the best in the business get to grips with the virtual casino floor before stepping into the lengthy courses to give more background on iGaming. So, online casinos like Genesis will offer a matched deposit bonus to play online roulette in India as well as free spins and cashback so that you can play and learn the games through welcome bonuses.

Many other developing, digital industries have also taken to eLearning platforms to try to create more experienced and knowledgeable potential workers. There’s a ‘Become a Pro Gamer’ class, which looks to developing eSports players, and the ‘Digital Footprint’ course, which teaches you how you manage your privacy and digital presence. Ones that are less professionally inclined have also broken through, including ‘Dig into Art Crime,’ ‘Set up a home podcasting studio,’ ‘Communicate with your Animal Telepathically,’ and ‘Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology.’

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More courses, more appeal, further growth

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As is the case in any online sector, including that of iGaming mentioned above, the more varied the content that’s on offer, the more people will find platforms appealing. One of the primary reasons why the academic eLearning market has become a $103.8 billion global market is because it’s so accessible and known to feature a broad range of topics for people to study.

In India, the rate of adoption of eLearning is growing side-by-side with the increased accessibility of key technologies. By 2021, the online education market in the country was predicted to hit $2 billion, with 9.6 million people paying and subscribing to eLearning platforms. However, given the increased rate of tech availability and the ability for course providers to identify learner behavior and preferences, it could well be that the whole market within India eclipses the $10 billion mark by 2024.

Whether it be for something more fun or an area that’s career-orientated, eLearning courses are rapidly becoming popular across India, and will undoubtedly provide millions with the resources that they need to succeed over the coming years.

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