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Best Welcome Speech in English For Sports Day at School or College

Sports Day is indeed a special and memorable event of school or college life in which students, teachers, and all non-teaching staff, take part. Many days practice and contests are done prior to the event among students and eventually, they celebrate and receive the award of their achievement on the Sports Day program usually held by the school head, teaching staff, and coaches. On this students are motivated and appreciated by the school head or principal. A sample of the best welcome speech in English for Sports Day by a teacher to students is written below. Jump into the article find the best lines for your speech.

Best Welcome Speech in English For Sports Day

Good morning honorable guests, ladies, and gentlemen, boys, and girls. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 10th Annual sports day at (Location name here). I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our chief guest Mr./Ms…………. guest of honor Mr./Ms……………..chairman and CEO Mr./Ms……….consulting director……………principal Mr./Ms…………..students, faculty parents, and grandparents.

School sports day is an important day on the calendar for a (Name of the school). It’s the day when students are freed from their classrooms, freed from the fetters of learning. It is a day for a mother to put her children on their toes and for fathers to cheer for the little ones. It is a day for red faces and perspiration wet t-shirts and shorter shots are the order of the day. It’s a day for starter guns for teachers with swizzles.

School sports day is for cameras and videos and smiling faces. It’s a day for triumphs and disasters. Speeches are given and medals are presented and overall It’s a day for sportsmanship and making memories.

This day at (Name of School/College) speaks for the commitment that all in the school hold for sports and what a great thing sport is on so many levels. Beyond the obvious health and activity benefits, sports can teach us much about life.

It teaches us about teamwork, it teaches us how to get along with others, it teaches us how to work together to achieve a common goal. It’s also about trust and responsibility and about dealing with success and failure.

This year we are pleased with the achievements of our students in various disciplines of sports state national and international levels. This has indeed raised the school’s sporting profile. I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of our students’ achievements this year.

In the field of cricket, the following student of our school represented our school in the big tournament held among all schools in the country. In the under 16 category (Name of Players here) in the under 14 category (Name of players here)

The school under 12 cricket team won the triangular cricket tournament which was held from (Date here) organized by (organizer name here) and the players were (Player names here). I am sure many of our cricketers will play for our country in the future. Please give them all a big round of applause.

I would like to talk about the swimmers of our school who have made us proud too. The following students of our school represented the state national and international meets and brought laurels to the school. They were (Names here)

The swimming association has felicitated our swimmers in recognition of their efforts and valuable contribution to the success of our swimming team in the national championship of the year. Please a big round of applause for our swimmers too.

Next in the field of lawn tennis. The following students of our school represented the state in (Name of location) and laurels to the skill. Thank you children you began made us proud.

In the field of football, our student from the 6th class was represented to present the city Football Club for the state football tournament in the under 13 category. Under 12, 14 and 16 years football team won the runners-up in the all USA school five-a-side football tournament which was held at (Name of ground here). Please let’s hear it for footballers.

Students you have made us proud, I would like to give small praise and congratulations to our entire sports department headed by Mr./Ms……………and all the other coaches for their efforts and contribution in raising the overall standard of our school sports.

I would also like to thank the other members of the teaching and non-teaching staff for their efforts and hard work in the planning and execution of this event. please let’s hear it for them too.

In closing I wish our students every success and good luck. Thank you very much.

I have the great pleasure of introducing you to the chief guest of this event Mr./Ms………. (Write his/her achievement here) ex: she is a double Olympian American track and field silver medalist and American Games bronze medalist. Her performance in Sydney and Beijing is to be noted. Please give her a big hand.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your presence we are honored to have you here. Our special guest Mr./Ms………….. I would like you to accept a small token of appreciation from us.

Now I would like to introduce you to our guest of honor Mr./Ms…………… (Write the achievements here). Thank you for accepting our invitation today, and we would also like you to a token of our appreciation.

Thank you all let’s continue with our celebration.

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