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Comparing script for the Independence Day of Australia

In Australia, 26 January is known as Australia Day. It marks the anniversary of the first arrival of the British fleet at port Jackson, New South Wales. For that purpose, Australians celebrate this day by community and family events, official community awards, citizenship ceremonies and much more. The meaning and significance of this day have evolved over time. In fact, if you soon have this event, you must be preparing for it. Therefore, this time I have brought you a sample of Comparing script for the Independence Day of Australia event at your school, college or any other institute. With that being said, let’s get started!

Comparing script for the Independence Day of Australia
Comparing script for the Independence Day of Australia

Comparing script for the Independence Day of Australia


A better way to start the ceremony is by saying a quote or a poem to make your audience feel the joy of that historical day which is yet present in the air of your motherland.

Anchor 1:

              Australia: the only place where a land of prisoners can become one of the most powerful countries on the earth. So, Happy Australia Day Australians!

Anchor 2: Good morning everyone and wish you all a very happy Australia Day from the depth of our hearts. Today, we all had gathered here to remind ourselves of the auspicious day when for the first time British fleet had arrived in the land of Australia, celebrate this awesome event, and be grateful for every blessing and pray for the happiness, peace, and prosperity of this beloved country.

Anchor 1: Initially, we warmly welcome the chief guest of today’s event (Name of the person with a small introduction), (Name of other guests and introduction) and honorable and respected parents on behalf of the entire school family including our esteemed director and high minded teachers.

Anchor 2:            Freedom is never dear at any price
It is the breath of life

So, without wasting your time, let us start our today’s program with a welcome performance by our cute little fairies and handsome gentlemen. To call them on the stage, put your hands together.

(After the performance)

Anchor 1: outstanding! I am sure you all enjoyed that sweet and cute performance.

Anchor 2: Truly, those who have the strength to fight with endurance are only who deserve freedom and liberty to build a strong nation.
For a small speech as a tribute to the efforts of all who worked to build Australia from the beginning, we would like to call (Name of the speaker). So, a big round of applause for him.

(After the speech)

Anchor 1: Moving ahead, let’s have some entertainment. Our students have worked hard to bring their audiences’ own drama, tears, and laughter they know about- to them, so we hope you all will enjoy.

Anchor 2: To call them on the stage, please put your hands together.

(After the drama)

Anchor 1: Mind blowing illustration! Appreciable!

Anchor 2: Yes, definitely!
Now, it is time to see how much our audience know about Australia. Yes, of course, it is time to ask you some general knowledge questions about our beloved country. So, are you ready?

Anchor 1: If you are ready, then, let’s start.

(After the general knowledge questions)

Anchor 1: The man who burns the midnight oil just to make sure the quality education in this institute, he deserves a stand of all of us. In deed, We all appreciate your hard work and dedication towards this Institute (Name of your principle).

Anchor 2: So, it is time for respected (Name of your principle) to say a few words here on the stage. Please, sir!

(After his speech)

Anchor 1: Thank you, sir. We really appreciate your hard work.


Anchor 2: There is always an end to every event such as this auspicious event. We are pleased that you joined us today and once again we wish you all a very happy Australia Day. Moreover, wish you all a happy, successful and satisfying life ahead.

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